Monday, June 5, 2017

bring about miracles

 Here with the
culture and what not, people are afraid to say no. A big problem can
be people eternally investigating, or just wasting time on people who
don't want to change. It's cause people here love to talk any way and
they aren't way busy.
Well Love ya! The church is true, the atonement is real, it can
empower us, it can bring about miracles in our lives and the lives of
others! Christ lives! Ti a bo!! - Elder Seffker

 I've been starting to run a little bit in the sand for exercise
haha, when the tide is down. Ah man, it can be tough at times,
especially when we sit cross-legged for the rest of the day, and then
I get up from it and it's tough to walk hahaha. It feels good to run
again though. Seems to cleanse the body, brings a natural
disinclination to garbage food. Haha, a lot of the village kids run
with me now haha. They ask me things like "ti na manga train ningai?"
(when are we gonna train again?). They're probably about addi's age.
We stretch a little bit at first and then we run circles in the sand
haha, maybe like 20 minutes, not sure if it even reaches two miles.
Haha, it's fun. Any way, surprisingly I actually haven't slept in a
hammock here yet. They do have them all over though. They can make
them out of fishing line, they're way awesome. My companion just got a
hammock though, he plans to sleep in it. It's got a mosquito net.
Right now I just sleep on my kie and we drape a banga(mosquito net)
over it and tuck it into the sides. It's pretty comfortable.
Well,it's good to hear that everyone has had lots of successes recently!!
Such awesome blessings!!! And also congratulations to the kids with
the end of school coming up! Probably will be over by the time ya'll
get this!!! Kam na tekeraoi, bwa kam na bane ni kawakinaki rinanon te
tai n are akea te reirei iai, bwa kam na kukurei, bwa e na
kabonganaaki ibukin are e kakawaki, bwa kam na rikirake iai, ao naba
bwa e na nako n are e na kona ni kauringaki n tai aika a na rooroko!
Haha, I've been to a few kiribati bootaki party things for the opening
of schools, birthdays, and during these things people offer marooro
sort of things basically just kind of a tekeraoi(good luck) so it just
kind of fits. Basically something like: let you all have a good one.
may you all be kept well. may you all grow and progress and have joy.
That it will be used for things which are important and will become
something you can look back on in times continually coming!
Well any way, this week has been good. We've had some successes as
well!! So we've got this investigator family, they were a referral.
And they came to church this week!!!! They're progressing wayyyyy
fast!!!! The thing that's awesome is that they're just way prepared!!
Like it's unusual to find a family who would be willing to keep the
commitments they've kept so quickly. It's like they've been waiting
for someone to just come and teach them. They're way willing. Any way:
thanks for the prayers!!
Also, just got a message from the AP's that me and elder haycock will
be flying to Makin(this island just right by ours) to teach this
family that is apparently ready to be taught and baptized and a few
other kids. They want us to switch between the two islands every two
weeks or so. So that's a huge blessing! It will be a great opportunity
to work and we'll probably learn a lot! It's kind of a big
responsibility, but it's way awesome to be able to take part in this
work!! We'll definitely be guided to get the things we need to done,
and to use good judgement I'm sure.
Well, that's awesome to hear everything is going good at home! I got
the recent package with the camera!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! The shirts
we're awesome!! Very nice taste!
Here are some answers to questions I got in the letter there:
Mom: Yeah some of the people wondered if I was a cross between an
american and an i-kiribati because I have kind of dark features haha.
And yeah the diet is way simple because you could probably write down
all the ingredients they use here in food on a piece of paper.
Well love you all!! The church is true! Through the atonement we can
become better and can see miracles in our lives and behavior! God
loves each of us, and will guide us through this life if we put our
trust in Him! Love ya! - Elder Seffker
P.S. finally got conference! It's really great!!

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