Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lord has been watching me

Great week, we had some cool things that happened. One of the investigators we are working with decided to move her fecha baptismal up that was cool, sadly another decided not to listen to us, that was sad but I feel like she will have another chance, the thing that happened is her preacher told her that we are bad and what we teach is bad. the Spirit helped comfort me right before she rejected us by telling me to wait, I guess something will happen later, she seemed very prepared to hear us, I guess it wasn't her time yet. So that was interesting to me, to see someone that seems really prepared choose to be baptized and another choose to leave. 
So also, I had a good time thinking about what has happened on my mission then I felt like I should read some stuff and it helped me realize that the Lord has been watching me here in the mission.

Friday, January 15, 2016

cool stuff happened

well I had a good week, had some cool things happen  her some of the letter I gave to Pte M. so this has been an interesting week for me, something awesome that happened is we were able to go out and work, me and Elder G, we had a good day and we found some cool new people to visit and in one of the lessons we invited a less active Mom and her daughter, an investigator, to church and they would have gone to something else but since we invited them they came to Church. It was the first time for the investigator and she is a really prepared person, she says she wants to get baptized and the Mom really was scared to go to Church again I think but she knew she needed the Sacrament, while we taught her she expressed a problem she has been having in her family and she mentioned how in her prayers it is like she is fighting with the Lord, I don't know why she brought that up exactly, maybe it was the Spirit helping her voice her need a little bit and so we could help her. we were able to make a cool connection with Enos and she really liked it and we explained how we have to be patient and do our part in receiving an answer, and have faith, just like Enos and so I think that helped her a lot and then she showed up in Church and the talks were on fasting and prayer and the person that gave the talk on prayer said a really cool prayer example and the hermana liked it a lot and she whispered something to me while we were there listening like hey this is what we were just talking about how cool
So yeah lots of cool stuff happened, I was really happy that one of our recent converts came that I thought wouldn't, it seems like he is doing really good. 
Sketching my companions!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I know the Church is true

alright so for me this was a really fun good week the Lord has been blessing me a ton, sometimes I wonder why, sometimes I forget but yeah this was a busy week too, it is nice to have stuff to do always. I have a cool companion that is also from the states. I saw a lot of blessings this week one that really helped me was a lesson that we had, it was a contact, the lady really needed that lesson, she was really prepared to hear us and she even told us at the end it was a blessing that we came and in the middle of the lesson we asked how she felt about Jose Smith and she came out with this crazy answer and started talking about a answer that she got in a dream. I know that the Lords work is what we are supposed to do here and He watches how His work is going. Love you all, I saw many other blessings this week. I know the Church is true. it has the way to live and be constantly be happy. always requires a little faith it seems despite what you see, it is really interesting but also another blessing I want to share is that this week a less active family that we have been working with finally got married and they said that they are reactivation which is true they have made it to Church a few times and are preparing to receive callings and a short time ago we had barely made it to their house, now that I think of it it was a huge blessing that we found them, one I think was excomunicated and the other served a mission and they were both living together and from a outside perspective seemed pretty hopeless and they probably didnt like to listen, yet the husband showed up in a lesson in his Mom´s house and it was kind of funny because we were teaching his sister which we less active aswell and he tuned into the lesson and started dropping to cane on his sister for not going to Church, it is funny because I know he served a mission before so he knows that you dont just boss people around to teach them especially if you dont practice what you say and she was just their listening, and we were listening like okay who is this guy and that was when we met him so after they left his mom told us that he was a less active for a superlong time and she seemed suprised that he was even there and we were able to set a time to visit with her son and his wife and the first lesson we taught was eternal families, pretty cool cause they just got married and they are on the path to an eternal family, they know that so that is a success for me and I know for them they seem to be a lot happier and I know the greatest success comes in the family really . so that was a cool blessing that happened recently. love you