Friday, August 18, 2017

miracles in missionary work

Hey!!! Yeah, internet was out. Me and my comp have been waking up at 4
hahaha on p-days, without internet, we have a lot of free time.....
it's interesting hahaha. We did some fun fishing, bought a snack and
ate it "i tanrake" (ocean side, where the wind blows) we meet some
kids and they taught us how to catch crabs. It was pretty fun.
 Mission work has
been good! Takes faith to work hard, to "serve more effectively".
 Yeah we actually just got to Butaritari
this morning. We hired a truck to pick us up in the morning, it
brought us and our luggage to the airport, which is just a field with
a "auti n imatang" (white person house) next to it. We've done some
good tracting lately. There's lots of catholic people here up north.
So I've grown quite a bit in my tracting approach etc. I got your
package for my birthday btw, not sure if I already told you that, but
thanks!!!!!! IT was way awesome!!!!! Me and my comp built a fire pit
and we plan to roast the smores maybe next P-day!!! Also, I brought
the muffin mix to a lady in Makin and she made them, they were
delicious!!!! Thanks!!!!!! hahaha, I've been doing some fishing on my
p-days, me and my comp. It's funny how good an analogy fishing is to
missionary work. Gotta put the bait on right, gotta be skilled with
where you put it and how you reel it in and stuff. It takes a high
level of skill to see success it seems. Some places the fish just keep
biting, others they don't. When we were fishing this p-day somehow I
hooked a fish by it's tail haha, I suppose that could be comparable to
miracles in missionary work ;) Supposedly Micronesian people are the
"fishers", polynesians are the "sailors", the people here are
definitely pretty good at fishing. any way, we finished Borina's
lessons before we left makin. She's really awesome. She's just waiting
on her marriage papers to get done now and then she'll be able to be
baptized. We had a way good sacrament meeting here last Sunday, it was
crazy how powerful the speakers were. Two Kiribati sisters who have
been to the temple spoke. Their testimonies were way powerful. It
strengthened my testimony definitley. The church is true! Well, have a
good week!!! It's good to hear everyone is doing good!! Thanks for
your example and testimony!!! Hahaha, our bikes broke a few times
recently, I'm getting pretty good. Hahaha, it's pretty fun, jk, well
love ya! Ti a bo!! - Elder SEffker