Monday, May 29, 2017

humble and friendly people

Hey!! Thanks for the info, news, testimony! Haha, no i don't really
sharpen my knife that often, or even use it. People here use knives a
ton for the different types of work in Kiribati, my main use is
opening packages, letters ;) sometimes shaving sticks, etc. Any way,
nice testimony! yeah I've been reading a lot out of the new testament
recently, which talks a lot about that. Like how we're all fallen and
stuff. But that through Him and faith on Him we can serve the good and
we can overcome the natural man. Yeah it's really good, you should
check it out, it's all throughout Acts and Romans.
Thanks for the packages! Yeah sorry I haven't exactly been helping out
with following the one package a quarter rule, but if you need to send
out my birthday package later, that's fine!!
So this week has been good. I've been pretty tired recently, pretty
sore as well. Because we've been helping Bontekai build his buia on
some mornings, and basically what we've been doing is filling rice
bags with gravel (like 40 to 70 pounds I'd say, not exactly sure),
nine bags on the wagon, sometimes 10. And then grab the handles of the
wagon (fortunately I've got work gloves) and haul it on this dirt path
through the woods for 10 or maybe 15 minutes until we finally get to
his house, and then load them off and do it twice more. And then we've
got the 30 mile bike ride on Sundays, so I've been kind of sore in the
mornings when I wake up. It's a good sore though, not of the injury
causing nature. It's actually been a great experience, and workout ;)
being able to do that work. Finally the rocks are all done though, we
had kind of a picnic of sorts on it to celebrate once we'd spread all
the rocks out. The basic kiribati food: rice, fish, pumpkin(I ate a
ton of it, it was way good), and then I was also able to try te
mwakauro (the hermit crab), which was pretty tasty. We've had some
good lessons this week. Me and Elder H have been doing a lot of
finding. Which is way awesome and exciting. It's way awesome to see
the spirit work on the people. We've meet some really humble and
friendly people recently, which has been way fun. Seriously, it's way
awesome to be able to interact with people who are just way open to
the message and who aren't hard-hearted. Any way, love you all. I know
the church is true. I know prayer is real. I know it can bring peace
and guidance. I know humility is real, and that we should continue to
strive to be like Christ. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God
and that reading it with faith will bring lots of growth. In the name
of Jesus Christ, amen.
Happy birthday J!! Love you all!! - Elder Seffker
P.S. The next time you send a package if it's possible that would be
awesome if you could include a light jacket style rain poncho with a
hood. Not heavy and thick, but not the kind that rips and then you
throw it away(we used to have one that N would use that was gray
with neon yellow paracord around the hood). If you don't find one,
don't worry about it(or send a throw away style one). Just don't send
a big thick one cause I won't have room to bring it any where. Apart
from that I'm pretty much good, not sure I have any other needs apart
from that. I really appreciate all the support!!!!!!! Feel free to
send that package later on if we need to wait a little bit! Thanks for
the prayers!! Love ya!!

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