Monday, June 12, 2017

we can make it back to our Father

Hey!! Hope everyone is doing good back at home! Things are going good
here as well!! This week has been good! I did some finishing up on a
kids hair with scissors recently. It went good, I think I’ve got the
trick down for how to do the sides with scissors.
E and his daughter came to church again. They’re really great
investigators. He’s just got a really nice family.  Like: we taught a
lesson a few days ago. They were prepared. Took us out just by their
house where they got a beautiful buia that hangs over the ocean.
Everyone looked way sharp. The tide was up, the sun was setting. It
was just a really good environment. They’re very willing to live the
commandments as they learn them. It’s just cool how ready they seem to
receive the gospel. The father is way funny, really nice though.
We rode to kuma again yesterday on bike. It was pretty fun. We’ve been
really blessed in that it’s hardly rained as we’ve rode there. The
people we meet in Kuma are way awesome and nice. It’s always so nice
to see them. They’re just way friendly and humble.
I’m also getting pretty good at singing, what with having to sing 3
songs  like 4 times each Sunday, usually during which there aren’t a
ton of people present. Once my companion chose a song that the people
weren’t way familiar with when we were in our “big” sacrament meeting.
Me and my companion sung a duet in that time.
Any way: answers to your questions: we haven’t yet gone to Makin,
we’re looking at maybe the beginning of July. We’ll go by plane.
Nice info about the fam and whatnot. Wow! Well, that’s way cool!
Well, I know the church is true. I read a thing in the D&C intro this
morning something like: the revelations contained therein are more
valuable than all the treasures of the earth or something like that.
It just reminded me how valuable scriptures are and scripture study
especially. This week finished the New Testament. It’s been a great
experience. It was nice to be able to just focus and just get through
the last 100 pages or so really quick. I know it’s really important to
feast on the word. I know the church is true. I know that through
Christ we can make it back to our Father in Heaven.
Well, love ya all!! Ti a bo!!

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