Tuesday, March 24, 2015

                                                 ...never growing out of sword fighting.
This has been another good week, I am really happy conference is coming soon, also we had a good Sunday, the attendance went up just a bit and I really hope it goes up more next week, I want to get as many people to conference as possible. The lessons we have had lately seem to have been really good, we have been more successful and tired at the end of the day here as we are trying to contact a bit more. One highlight of the week would probably be yesterday when we talked with an investigator that basically told us he wants to change his life, the night we meet him, he contacted us and in the lesson we had he told us that before he was praying that the Lord would take him away from all the worldly things going on in his life, he must have felt a desire for more than just parties drinking and money. He shared this after we shared a bit of scripture on seek the kingdom of the Lord first. He wants to go to Church and I think this time he will finally get there. Me and my companion both think that will really help him gain a testimony, which obviously if he chooses it will. Peoples lives change and fast, and to think all they really have to do is change their hearts desire, and follow the Savior. Well it is simple but hard, it always makes me happy when I see someone with a good desire like that. Missionary work is so real Jacob 7  I have written according to the best of my knowledge, by saying that the time passed away with us, and also our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream
when I got to the mission I read this scripture and thought that the mission was like a dream but now I am realizing my life before was like a dream, after the mission it will hopefully be the same and after the big mission I will rise and remember the dream. 
hey dad do you remember well your conversion, I never asked you about it enough to figure out how it was. the cat in the cradle and the silver.....jk no seriously it would be cool ha ha 
I know that the Savior lives also and the best thing we can really do now is bring more souls to this knowledge, I know He is always there and for that He is the best friend of anyone who goes to Him. It is true that the Gospel has brought me a bunch of joy

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lord works by faith

It has been another good week, I feel like some of the lessons we have had have been really great, I can feel the Spirit guide me more, to follow the Spirit is pretty interesting, it is like a skill but a way to practice understanding is by obeying in my opinion. It seems no matter how smart you get if you never obey the Spirit it is going to be very difficult to listen. Anyway we ended up teaching some investigators that seem fairly golden, although they both seem to have many trails. One of them has come to two activities this week but for some reason she just didn´t show up at Church. We thought that she was going to go with her cousin, who is less active now. It is a blessing that we found her with her cousin because now she has asked her cousin questions about the lessons we teach so we think she might progress. Another person ended up being a really normal investigator until she told us her and her husband moved. Later after we thought they had moved we passed by and my companion noticed she was sitting outside, we taught her about faith with Enos and the reason she was there is because her husband left to go work and they both lost their jobs, but the lesson had the Spirit and we feel that she may progress to. Other good things are happening all the time. I am surprised at how quickly life changes for everyone here, yesterday we visited a less active that has not been to Church in about a year and with just a little bit of time and sharing the gospel a little, she remembered her testimony, and conversion and told us some things that have been going on, she wants her family to learn the gospel too.
so I suppose what happened this week with you guys is good then, rugby I have never played that, but here i am learning to enjoy soccer doubly- before it was already my favorite sport . it sounds like your lesson went good, i really enjoyed hearing the story, i like how it says He felt the need to instinctively praying for that. because in the church lesson me and my companion gave it was on prayer and some of the topics i have learned were kind of interesting in D&C it says some interesting things 88{64 is really good and some other ones I can think of but what i learned from teaching the lesson was cool , one that we can pray for what Heavenly Father wants of us and we just have to be pure and have faith and the Spirit. well I have really seen that in my life, I am thinking of some scriptures especially in Nephi when his brothers tie him up, he gets untied later and he says the storm just stops but it is right after he prayed for it, the Lord works by faith, those who cant see miracles probably could use faith. Love you hope every thing is going good, I think ill go buy some bananas.
oh yeah did i tell you my companion found a baby crocodile or alligator in some ones sewer, well i watch a video called spiritual crocodiles today and it is really intense here

Monday, March 9, 2015

Lord will support me

Well this week went good,  the letters you sent were pretty cool, I loved hearing some of your experiences and they inspired me to be better, thanks also for sharing the dreams you had, those that shared at least. the time here goes so fast I don't know how it could go faster. . we had a really cool thing happen for us, there was a person that we had a lesson with, that we are still not sure if she is less active or an old investigator, she came to church! when we had the lesson with her it was really in my opinion a regular lesson except for one special part.... when I pretty much asked her if she has the faith to be baptized. she said yes!!! the thing for why it meant so much to me is because I could feel the Spirit guide my words. As I finally opened my mouth, just about two days earlier my buddy, one of the assistants challenged me to challenge at least 7 people a week to a baptism, or more simply 1 everyday. So far now nearly a week later I have seen the Lord send me 1 person everyday that could use the challenge, and that to me is a huge blessing, especially in this lesson as I learned the Lord will support me in the invite. So if you were wondering the assistants came in a division or I think it is called a interchange or something in English. You might be more familiar with that word. They decided to come, and when they called to tell us they were coming I felt a bit down because they have already come to our area and the reason they came is likely because there hasn't been to much success in the area. but later when they were there I had a feeling that the Lord had sent them and so I tried to just learn more humbly. They have some pretty wise counsel, I feel like it was a really good thing. any way I was talking about a sister that showed up at Church and we were surprised, Usually when people say oh yeah I am going to Church this time, they don't show. she told us she probably had to work but she showed up and a member must have brought her. it was all so simple, and so now after she has come to church some members are telling us that she is a member, she thinks that she is not, and we figured out she is Daniel´s aunt and he said she is a member to. sort of interesting but at least she is progressing. Also there is this really cool kid named Humberto well I guess he is a year older than me but he wants to be baptized so we will be working with him to gain a strong testimony and we set a date, there are some other people we think can set a date soon too. 

so in Church I really felt the Spirit as we sang ´´O mi Padre´´ That song is super great, actually I am not going to try to describe it too much but the Lord is really there, and the Spirit will testify of Him as you seek Him. I also know, that Jesus Christ is real, the atonement actually happened, I feel cleaner when I use the Sacrament properly and I feel more calm and the Spirit. If people just felt the way I did when I sang the hymn or took the Sacrament, they would understand better the Atonement, the love of God and the purpose of life, if people prayed with more intent they would understand the same thing too. That day went good for me because I had consciously in my head better things as they really are. The Spirit is what testifies of truth!!!
I know that if we pray to know the Church is true the Lord will always tell us in His own way. We always tell people that that way is the Holy Ghost, and certainly that is a guarantee, the Spirit will help you to know the truth, but you have to have faith and a sincere heart and sincere intent to really know and to follow, those who choose to follow choose to obey all and really become like Jesus Christ, well at least they should. well love you

Monday, March 2, 2015

simply started with a prayer

So this is what I wrote to President for my weekly letter, I'm try to not get lazy but also save time. also some other interesting things have happened that are miracles, the Lord really blesses us, and my new companion is really good, today we destroyed in soccer. 

Hey, this week has been really joyful. I feel like my new companion is a really good one, I have really felt the Spirit in some of our lessons that we have had, I feel like we uped the game on our work. I don´t what it is for sure but it seems like we just plain out have more success. For example when we were doing our prayer to leave the first day I could feel the Spirit, I think it was the next day or so that we visited with a less active member that I have never seen come to Church in the entire time I have been here, and we simply started with a prayer, tried to find her need, shared some Scriptures, and so on, then she came to church, although I did not see her in Sacrament she at least came. There are many examples of things that seem to be going just a little bit better, my companion and I were out in the night, nearly time to go home, and he asked if we could visit just one more person. We happened to be by an Investigator that we have not really seen progress very far. We talked with them and they accepted a little better the first lesson, at the end the sister said the prayer and the Spirit was so strong I could literally feel the Spirit. That is the affect of a faithful and sincere prayer and she seemed so happy when the prayer was over and she thanked us for being so patient with her.
the Lord is blessing us and I know that He is really there. Love you all and enjoy the week, do good and don't die.