Monday, June 12, 2017

Hey these are some pictures my companion took of various events. A
kiribati unimwane turning 70 years old. That's actually one of the
forms of government kind of here. They have kind of a big government
and then also the city government, which is kind of just run by the
people of the city. When someone gets fined and fails to pay the fine,
they're brought in fron of the village unimwane's(old men) "E
kakamaku"(it's very scary) supposedly. The unimwane's hear them out.
They give them a little more time or however they decide. If they
still don't pay the fine, back in the day everyone would throw rocks
at them and their house and basically kick them off the island. Know I
think the police just come and take them haha. Any way, fortunately
were just eating with them here.
Picture of a bootaki where there's tons of people
Some other random pictures of service etc. Ti a bo!! Love ya! - Elder Seffker

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