Thursday, February 25, 2016

faith is really really important

Re: Letter from mom

To: harry and Patti seffker
I cant wait till I can eat blackberries with Emmi, awesome, shout out to Jared Seffker congrados on dat scolrship, so did yall get to putting in those mission paps yet congratulations out there to Johnny Seffker for that Scout award you probably just got. My companion told me a story yesterday about his pinewood derby, he said when he got the car to make his parents just took it, they were mechanical engineers so they just did gave him the block of wood and told him he could do what ever he wanted as long as he didnt mess with the axel area and they made different wheels that worked better and looked like the ones they give you and they manufactured some sort of nail thing and but graphite on it and stuff for the wheels, it was funny because he said he didnt even want them to do that and after they did the contest he won by a long shot, it wasnt even funny and he got mad because he felt like he didnt even do anything, i thought that was pretty was pretty funny because he could have just left it as a block and won ha ha. My companion is pretty funny, he is from New York. 

so you wanted me to share some experiences missionary work, well something that I thought that was cool about this week was how Marcia the girl who got baptized told us how she felt good after her baptism, like she said that the day of her confirmation she had a really strong feeling right after she got confirmed, that was different in her own words she said she couldnt describe it but it was different and so that made me think a little bit, wow she is feeling the same Spirit that we all feel too, she also said this week that the Gospel, the classes in Church and what she has learned has made her feel like the spiritual hunger she had is gone, it was pretty interesting to hear that, sort of made me being here really worth it. i feel like the simple fact that I was here just to be here is what allowed her to experience the Gospel, it was never really me or my companion that helped her, it was the Gospel, that is what makes me happy. I remember the way we found her was really simple, my companion and I were walking down the road and we passed an older looking lady, and my companion backed up a bit and just started talking to her, amazingly she was a member that nobody knew basically and she invited us to come. we came and the first few times it seemed like they were never in their house. But finally the day we did come Marcia was there and she just wanted to hear about the Gospel and she wanted to learn more,  she always kept her commitments, you could tell she had good desires. I remember when we taught about temples she must have thought a lot about it already, i think her Mom must have explained some stuff because she told us she had a goal to become a temple worker.  I think that all this stuff happened for a simple act of faith my my old companion, he had faith that the contact he did would probably help someone or be worth it, later he told me that he contacted her because he felt like he should. but yeah great things happen when you have some faith. I have learned that having faith has helped me hear the Spirit a lot. So the idea faith is really really important, if you ever get confused about a part of the Gospel you should definetly try to have more faith, it will help you a ton. 

love you guys 

Monday, February 15, 2016

without faith no man pleaseth God

este semana fue muy interesante, tuvimos un bautismo, fue muy especial y pienso que la persona le gusto mucho. creo que ella sentio bien al llegar a ser miembro pero había algunos desafíos, una cosa que ella nos dijo es que alguna horas antes de bautizarse ella dijo a uno de sus amigos que iba ser bautizado pero su amigo no le gusto y empezó a decir le maca-nadas y se picho pero ella dijo que después nosotros le llamamos justo cuando termino hablando con esa persona y sentio mejor, recibimos muchas otras bendiciones para que el bautismo fue exitoso. Yo sè que Dios nos ayuda en momentos difíciles, estaba leyendo en las escrituras de eso hoy, con el pueblo de Alma en como Mosiah 24, ellos tenían mucha fe y paciencia, fueron un buen ejemplo en confiar en Dios y casi inmediatamente el Señor les bendijo. Creo que es el mismo muchas veces con nosotros, pero el Señor quiere enseñar la fe y paciencia y necesitamos experiencias como el hizo con el pueblo de Limhi. No todos tienen esa fe como Alma y su pueblo y por eso digo que no todos han visto milagros, o han reconocido milagros, estaba mirando una escritura que marque un tiempo atrás y tiene que ver mucho con este tema en DyC 63,11Sí, las señales vienen por la fe para producir obras poderosas, porque sin fe ningún hombre agrada a Dios; y con el que Dios está enojado, no está bien complacido; por tanto, a éstos no muestra señales, sino en ira para su condenación.
This week was very interesting, we had a baptism was very special person and I think she likes me a lot. I think she sentio well to become a member but there were some challenges, one thing she told us is that some hours before baptism she told one of his friends was going to be baptized but your friend does not like me and began to tell you maca-nothings and picho but she said that after we call just when I finish talking to that person and better sentio, we received many other blessings that baptism was successful. I know that God helps us in difficult times, I was reading in the writings of that today, with the people of Alma and Mosiah 24, they had a lot of faith and patience, were a good example of trust in God and almost immediately the Lord will blessed. I think it's often the same with us, but the Lord wants to teach faith and patience and we need experiences as he did with the people of Limhi. Not everyone has such faith as Alma and his people and so I say that all miracles have not seen or recognized miracles, was looking at a script that mark a while back and has much to do with this issue in D & C 63,11Sí, the signs come by faith mighty works, for without faith no man pleaseth God; and with whom God is angry he is not well pleased; therefore, they no signs, only in wrath unto their condemnation. Well I had a good week yall, i am sure translating this will come out with some errors, but it was a good week I feel like the Lord has prepared me to be where I am now, and that He is really merciful, that is actually something that I was reading today that I thought was cool, I saw what you call a lot of tender mercies this week as well. I have to go soon so love you guys I`ll talk to you all later.

Monday, February 8, 2016

family is the most important group we will be apart of

I feel good, I am completely not sick
release date...someone told me in july 14 or something like that so that is really coming up quick there
missionary bulletin;
hey gang looks like I am fine and having a good mission, lots of cool stuff, I love the people, see ya, just kidding 

I was just reading some of your letters, they were good to read, sounds like you all are doing good. 
it is fun to see how you all are doing it made me smile and stuff when I was reading it. lately I have had people ask if I have pictures of my family,  I have a few that I show them and they pretty much always are super surprised, it is fun to have a big family they always give me similar comments too. I think it is a big blessing to have a big family. Often times people ask a lot of questions and it gives me a good opportunity to talk about families and how the Gospel blesses us,  I have a big testimony of that. I cant imagine what we might have missed if we didn't have the Gospel. I feel like family is the most important group we will be apart of here and after this life, with Heavenly Father being a part of our big family as well. I know that Jesus is our brother, it is sometimes hard to comprehend that but it makes me feel good when I think about it, I think it is cool how our family has grown a lot, In the pictures and letters I see that we are growing spiritually also. I want to bear my testimony about families, they can be eternal, that is for sure true, I know that the temple is the house of the Lord, His Church is a part of His kingdom, we are part of it also and He helps us to do His work which is mainly in the family. 
I liked Emmi`s testimony that was really cool as well, I remember she always seemed to have a big testimony in Jesus that is cool.
well anyway this week was good, we have been reading the Book of Mormon as a mission, I have seen it help me a lot, I have learned more about repentance and I am sure that king Benjamin was really prepared when he gave his speech to the people there. I think it was around like Mosiah 4  or something, it made me think about if we had to meet God now, I wonder if we would feel all that prepared, gratefully we can be thanks to the Savior though. I also know that the Spirit is real and a lot of times gives me guidance on who I should talk to and where to go, I am really grateful for that blessing and I feel that it is very necessary, I wonder sometimes why that doesn't get emphasized more in the Church, but in this conference thing we had as a mission we got to hear about how we can have the Spirit more as we teach. 
thanks for the quote that is a good one, sort of interesting, how the Spirit really connects to our mind I think that our minds have a lot to do with our Spirit or intelligence or consciousness I wonder what sort of differences they might have. but thanks you guys for writing me and stuff  

on the funny side
I had a weird dream a few nights ago that me and my bishop here were trying to break into the white house and our stake president here had taken it over so we tried braking in with some firearms and stuff and then near the end of the dream we ended up calling Mom and Dad and they came and took out the president and saved the white house it was a weird dream.
might want to put that part in the ward bulletin.  and this awesome pictures of me, I have learned to become one with nature out here since there is no civilization and we are forced to live with out houses. 
 but seriously the Church is true and all that it teaches 
love you guys  

Monday, February 1, 2016

feel the Spirit

so for the lesson well what has blessed me is having the Spirit to be with me, that is very evident when I am being obedient. It is amazing what sort work we can get done as we follow the Spirit because we are being instruments for the Lord. I have talked with some people about being obedient for a long time and I remember one person was trying to convince me to be less obedient and he seemed to have every reason logically but then after he was done he threw in a ``well I have noticed that being disobedient makes it so I don't have the Spirit with me that strong`` I still wonder why he threw that in to what he was saying because it seems to me like he never changed but the principle is important, when we are obedient we are blessed. It sounds so much easier than it is sometimes. what blessings I  have seen from being obedient on the mission, usually I feel peace, I don't feel confused about Spiritual things and I can hear the Spirit guide me to make wise decisions for the unseen future. A lot of the blessings have been like that, short term immediate Spiritual blessings and a lot of long term temporal blessings. When I am not obedient sometimes I feel a little bit lost. one thing that makes us want to be disobedient is pride, we think we know better. I like that talk from Ezra Taft Benson I think you may have shown me before, ``beware of pride`` or something like that, that is something every can do, beware of pride, there are many forms of being pride and as a family that could be something. Also another thing that helps is being obedient to the commandments as they are a list of happy things to do, like the first commandment is love one another, you guys could think of a list of service you can do, where you serve the person and try and make it so they don't know that you served them. or you can do or say something for someone everyday so that they know that you love them, and you could draw names. or things like that, I think living on a higher plane to me is applying the important teachings of the Gospel, that knowledge is what gives us the higher perspective, we really don't have to feel discouraged or scared or things like that. yeah i told my companion to email you guys something but he told me the computer place ran out of power, I'm fine, i just had a little bug so i didn't want to go out and make it worse, but yeah because of that I wasn't able to work that much this last week, I am completely ready to work now though so don't worry and I had a good week. yesterday we had Church and I really liked it, I said a prayer that an investigator there could feel the Spirit, at the end she was saying how the talks the people gave answered questions that she always has had, I am really happy for her, she seems to be growing in the Gospel pretty well. I know this is the true place to grow, the Church is true, there is a living prophet and the Priesthood is restored. Love you guys