Monday, June 26, 2017

Line upon line

Nice, nice, sounds like everything is going good. That's cool about
the family reunion! How long was it? Did they have a camp out sort of
thing with it as well? Or just the get together? That's way cool about
the faith stories! Man, that's good she acted on the first prompting.
I'm sure she was glad she'd gone to look after the child when she saw
the it huddled at the bush waiting for her. That's really cool!
So about the talk... what kind of things did you have in mind? Do you
want things specific to mission life in general? Or things specific to
my mission area?
Here's a few ideas you could share (you might have to do some research
on the references and wording if that's alright):
there's a talk in this past conference that I think Elder Eyring or
maybe Elder Bednar gave. He was talking about fulfilling priesthood
duties, he said something like "if you told me that you felt you were
totally capable of accomplishing your duty, I might be concerned you
didn't fully understand it." He goes on to say though that through the
Lord's power and help we can accomplish miracles and accomplish what
He expects of us.
It's definitely the same in mission work. It's a really huge
responsibility. But if you just trying and if you seek His guidance
and help through prayer and scripture study and by being obedient,
you'll definitely see miracles and help in fulfilling your purpose.
Just like the brother of Jared, as we show and excercise our faith,
we'll be able to see the Lord's hand in our lives.
I've also learned a lot about how just by doing the small things
everyday like studying and praying we can grow little by little. Just
like the scripture "line upon line. That's definitely the same in
mission work as well. We'll see ourselves and others progress little
by little. It's important that we just continue to try hard and seek
His help and that we have faith and patience with our self and with
others, and eventually we'll look back and see how much we've grown.
I heard a quote once from some talk that said something like "He is
closer to this work than you think He is." That's definitely true. I
mean, it makes sense cause it's His work, but it's important to know
that He really is right there helping us and is ready to further help
and bless us and give us guidance as we desire it and seek it.

Any way... yeah, those are some ideas. If you have other questions
I'll totally answer them.
So, this week..... has been good. Yesterday we had a good Sabbath.
Church was awesome. We saw lots of blessings. The family I talked
about came to church again which was way cool and a huge blessing.
Their baptism date is this Saturday, which is really exciting. They've
been such a great family to teach hahaha. They live right by our house
and they were literally just waiting to be baptized it seems! Haha, I
have definitely seen His help and miracles as we've taught them and
worked with them.
We rode to Kuma on our bicycles again. There's a really strong member
down there who shared with us his "kateniuan koaua" (third
witness/third personal testimony building experience basically) on the
Book of Mormon. It's so awesome to hear members' testimonies here.
Some people here have got some really strong testimonies, it's way
Hmmmm, I've been doing some Book of Mormon studies this week on the
overall organization of the book. Basically something like this:
...Alma 1-4
5 Alma to people
7 Alma to people in Gideon
9-14 Alma and Amuleck to people in Ammonihah, Zeezrom
17-26 Sons of Mosiah
27-35 (30 Korihor the Anti-Christ)
36-42 Alma to sons (36-37 Helaman, 38 Shiblon, 39-42 Corianton)
Anyway, I would recommend it. For me it helps references stick better.
It also helps you to guess and find verses.
Well, have a good week!! Love ya!!! - Elder SEffker

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