Monday, June 19, 2017

know God's watching over us always,

That's cool you had a chance to go to the fireside! Where did they
hold it????? The J are sooo awesome. Being in their air
conditioned house each p-day in tarawa. Way clean, their both so nice,
they've always got food out for the missionaries. Ah, good memories at
their house, they were like my grandparents in Tarawa.
Sounds like Fathers day was a success!!!! haha
The kids are all doing good eh? Yeah I've heard knitting is hard, but
I'm sure she can learn it if she keeps at it! There are some people
who are wayyyy good at it.
So, this week: not sure if I told you guys yet, but Butaritari finally
got general conference!!!! It's way good, I've almost got it finished.
When we get the Cd's sent out, we'll set up a unit activity here or
something and all listen to it.
We have had a bit of service this week. It kind of felt like being at
a family reunion, except bigger maybe. Because there was a huge
bootaki(party) here in Butaritari for the past 2 days. So the families
of those heavily involved each had to prepare 250 total basins of food
over the span of the bootaki. Each basin is about a foot and a half in
diameter, maybe a bit bigger, filled about half way, maybe 5 inches
high or so, higher if it's like bread or other light easy stuff. The
family killed numerous pigs they've been saving for this bootaki. We
almost didn't have enough basins. We were there Saturday evening, they
were supposed to prepare 100, but they only made it to 75. Any way,
rice, bread, shark, turtle, bwabwai(it's a food that I'm pretty sure
only grows in kiribati), pig(tons). They had one pig that was probably
like 400 pounds, maybe bigger, it's was one of the biggest pigs I've
seen here in Kiribati. I think she said it was about 5 years old.
Anyway, I was in unbelief when I heard they wanted us to fill 100
basins that night. We only made it to 75, still though, I was
impressed, that was a ton of food. They had a lot of family there from
Tarawa helping out.
Any way, we've been working a lot with T and E family
this week. E came to church again with his daughter. He's doing
way awesome. We're still working with T, his bike was broken
though. They're both really fun to teach and talk with. We had a
family we've been teaching, they're headed back to Tarawa, so we
taught them for the last time this week. We set it up with them so
that they'd have elders when they got back to Tarawa. The father's
name is T, he's way funny and also really respectful. He's been
way good to teach. I've seen lots of progress with him. He's actually
has been doing good with a lot of his commitments, I really hope he's
able to gain a witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and
of this church. We ate dinner with him on Friday night.
Well, things have been good. Love you all, hope everything is going
good there!! The church is true, the Book of Mormon is true, it was
guided to come into our hands in these last days. I know it brings
strength and guidance. I know it will help us to come closer to Him. I
know God's watching over us always, He's aware of our every step. I
know He loves us and so He sent His Son. Well, have a good week. -
Elder Seffker

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