Saturday, October 29, 2016

the nature of God is the nature of happiness

Thanks for everything! Yeah, it's a great thing to gain a testimony of study and the power of the Book of Mormon in conversion! Totally do it, there's lots of pointers in PMG chapter 5 "The role of the Book of Mormon in conversion"! It's good to hear that things are going good at home! Halloween is such a fun time ;) Haha, that's awesome that J is learning his letters, he seems like a very intelligent person ;) I was thinking recently, a verse in the Scriptures implies that the nature of God is the nature of happiness. We can't dwell with God without repenting to develop that nature. And the glory of God is intelligence. When we act like animals, and when we yield to carnal things, we can't live with God. We need to live up to our intelligence.
When I first got here, I kinda just focused on my own studies, but I'm learning that the MTC is not an honors class, some missionaries are not accustomed to studying. So I'm really working on serving others. I was called as district leader recently, I know the Lord really wants me to learn how to serve others. Feel free to give me any pointers or advice concerning service and the likes. I'd really appreciate it!
Thanks again for all you do! Thanks for the packages, they're awesome!! Love you!
Aia, tekeraoi ma te bong aio!

angels on my right and left

haha yeah, heard of "The doctrine of Christ" by President Nelson, Or "Developing the Character of Christ" by President Bednar? ;) They're the movies we watch on Sunday nights.Yeah I've really felt the hand of the Lord in my life these past few weeks, I know He loves me, I know he loves us all equally. I'm so grateful for the repentance process, and that we're able to change.
I've been working really hard on humility these past few days, I know that we need to see each other equally, as we all have the same degree of importance and potential, and that we need to be humbled before God, because He is created us, the plan, and sent His Son, which is our only reason for hope.

I'm also trying to gain a testimony of hard work... The first couple of weeks, I have to admit, I was pretty lazy. Like, I payed attention in class and stuff, I followed the rules, I used my study time completely.. basically I did everything that was written down.. But I've realized that even then, there's so much time that we have, like when people are talking just to talk, and you find yourself listening just to listen, or between and during meals, arise, bedtime, class time.. I know that I'll "return in vain" if I don't do everything in my power to serve Him with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.

I have seriously felt angels on my right and left and have felt that my steps have been guided! Truly, I know the Lord is watching out for each of us, we just need to exercise faith, be faithful to our covenants, repent, and strive to become better. He will literally guide our steps, and you won't be able to help but feel His infinite love surrounding you. I know that we have no reason to fear, we just need to trust in Him. I know that the Lord works by faith. I know that it's never too late for anyone to come unto Him, and that He wants for us to come unto Him and have peace and joy and is continually looking out to pour blessings on us when we are obedient, or when we ask for His help.
, I've got a lot of learning to do, but I know the Lord is helping me do it. I know that as we exercise faith and as we are tried, we can gain a witness, and that faith can progress to knowledge. I'm so grateful for the Atonement, that we can repent and become more Christ-like. Thanks for all of your guys' examples :) I know that Heavenly Father loves each of us more than we can understand. Have a good week!
Thanks for your support. Sounds like the fam is doing good. I love you all! - Elder S
oh and yeah, President Bednar was here a week or so ago ;)

Friday, October 7, 2016

Throwing all worldly things away...literally!

So after a long summer of trips, camps, and working in Oakland Jared put all worldly things away for the Lord...literally "threw all worldly things away!" Enjoy his first letter!

Hey... how's it goin?... ;) jk, it's weird that I'm actually on my mission, cause it doesn't feel way different.. I feel like I've been getting shipped around all summer, so it's not that weird to be away from home ;) any way, there's a very strong spirit here at the MTC, it's pretty cool! It kind of feels like the temple. My companions (I have two, I'm in a trio) are very ambitious, and competitive in a good way. I believe that the companionships here are indeed inspired of the Lord ;) I never knew how much it would help, but I know now, that familiarizing yourself with language study before your mission gives you a huge head start, in stress management, and in language learning methods! Alright, I just want to end with my testimony... I believe that the spirit does speak to us. When I feel the spirit, it's a feeling of peace, and of God's love. I believe that God loves us, it's a message that really speaks to me! I believe that we need to be continually improving in the commandments, and that as we do so, God will bless us with His spirit. N aran Iesu Kristo, Amen.

P.S. Haha, oh yeah, I bet you're wondering about my phone ;) so yeah, I forgot it was in my pocket and brought it here. I was going to mail it back, but I kind of figured it was just a cheap phone any way. So feel free to take $40 dollars out of my account to pay for it, but I throwed it away c: (I can totally see Dad's reaction right now)

Love you all!
 Last dinner with Jared...Elder Seffker for a while!  Party makes a "goodbye" a little easier!

 At the MTC drop-off in Provo. He'll be here just for a short time then off he goes!