Monday, April 27, 2015

book of Mormon is true

Well this week was another good one, we found a cool person named Oscar that looks like he will progress, we were on a división in my área and we were looking for some place and we asked him, and he offered some seats so we taught him the restoration and he seems really golden so far, he is good with the idea of baptism and all that and he says we can pretty much visit everyday. Its seems that in this área there are many people that have progressed and are ready to progress. The members here are really nice and they are really willing to help with visits and befriend people it seems. The best part of this área is probably that the Sunday meetings seem to run really well. It makes me wonder how some ramas can start with so few people and grow quickly while others with hundreds of people only can maintain a few members, definently a part of it is how the people get taught or how much they learn and teach themselves. Another big thing is the member missionary work, especially on a small scale, like getting to know people. But my companion told me something interesting, that he has never seen a less active member that reads the Book of Mormon, and it is true I think that is one of the main things that keeps a rama up for so much time and lets it grow.
I know that the book of Mormon is true and that is has the power to tell us what the Lord is saying mabye check out 2 nephi 32, especially verse 3 and 5 is good too.
Love you all

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

people willing to help

It has been another good week, I would say its highlights were definitely yesterday in Church and the division I did here. So the division went better than I thought, I remember when I would have been so nervous to do something like that, a division in your second week in a new area, but things didn't appear so bad, I was honestly pretty excited to do the division, although it didn't work out perfect I am satisfied that things went well, and we were able to teach some cool lessons and find some people as we found some people. The area here is really nice there are a lot of people willing to help all you have to do is ask them most of the time, there are a lot of good references that people give us also. Like one we did we just visited once and found a husband that wants to go to Church and maybe be baptized. In my last letter I think I said something about a guy that I gave a blessing to, well he showed up at Church and not only that but his wife too, my companion said that is really cool.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lord really has a plan for her

Hola well it has been a good week, this week had a lot in it, I really am enjoying it in this new area. There is a lot to learn and I feel pretty good about it. Some cool things are happening here already, there are some really faithful people here. For example we contacted someone a few days back and she had told us that someone recently died in her family she was sad about it but told us that she had been praying and felt better. She said also that this person passed away about 15 days ago, about 15 years ago someone else close to her passed away, at the time the missionaries also showed up but over time they lost contact. We showed up just in time to help her, the Lord really has a plan for her and that is what we felt like we should teach too, it is so nice to teach people humble to a degree to listen and have faith in what we say. Another great thing I have seen is we had a really cool less active member tell us how he recently prayed to know if the Church is true and read in Isaiah I think and then feel asleep and saw a vision. Basically what is hard for him now is not his testimony so much as him not being physically able. Yesterday we gave him a blessing and it was really amazing, I believe he will get better, as I gave the blessing the Spirit told me that, I told him he has to have faith though, I think he will be in Church soon. 
my new companion is Elder M, he is really nice, I have got

ten good companions so far in the mission

Monday, April 6, 2015

Christ loves us and I love you all

 I have been traveling a bit to asunción, i am actually writing now in the terminal it is pretty cool. well i will be now heading back to concepción maybe for the last time, tomorrow we will get changes and if i get changed i will hop on another colectivo, or bus except it is nothing like a bus in the united states, the miracles I have seen this week have been great, I am trying to improve everyday, well my companions name is Elder D. He is from Brazil, I have learned some cool lessons from Him. I had a good Easter, I know everyone hears this but I think it was the best I have had so far.I  will just end with my testimony I know the Church is true and, i hope we all can feel that. Christ loves us and I love you all have a good week, I consider today important, who knows why? besides Mike and Dad and Mom

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Atonement is real and that it changes sad people to become happy

well one cool thing is the time of year it is. this marks the upcoming general conference and the birth of Jesus Christ as well as the celebration of His resurrection and Atonement,  I have felt like a sort of good feeling is around especially as I think of the Savior and what He has done. These are just words you are reading but maybe you understand too, what sort of joy comes from all that, yesterday In my studies I found something interesting. I think it is in Alma at the first or so, it says the people had a joy looking forward to the resurrection which is very true, in Church someone commented almost the exact same thing in the lesson we had. This person that commented came to Church by a blessing, before he was not active, we had visited him and talked about getting him back to Church but I think he just didn't feel ready, we reminded him of his mission and shared some cool scriptures on agency in Moses but I had no idea how to help him honestly other than read the Book of Mormon. He had received this and suddenly came to Church when he learned that someone he had baptized years ago wanted to go to Church too, and they called him and from there he decided to go. In Church we learned about the Atonement in the class and had a talk in Sacrament meeting on the same, I learned in my studies recently about the Atonement too, and the Sacrament, I know that the Atonement is real and that it changes sad people to become happy.  Love you