Wednesday, March 21, 2018

blessings the gospel brings into peoples' lives

Well, this week has been another good one. It's been really good. It's
cool how Heavenly Father will provide us with the things we need as we
go about His work. It's way true. There's so much growth to be had
being a missionary. But it all comes as we work to magnify our
calling. We've been able to find a lot of new people this week who
want to receive our message. One of them has never been visited by
missionaries before. It's a young family. We've got high hopes for
them. They're way nice. We were tracting one day and we ran into the
husband in his house. Turns out he'd fallen sick the day before. He
usually gets home at 5, we tracted him at 3. He was home because of
the sickness. We couldn't even tell he was sick until he told us at
the end of our visit. His name's E, his wife's name is T.
Another awesome thing about it is that there's a preparing missionary
who lives in the same house that we also had the opportunity to serve.
There were a few things he needed when we went and visited them. I
knew him from butaritari but had no idea he was here! Yeah we've had a
lot of good other tracting things happen this week. Our district is
working way hard. It's pretty cool to be able to see the blessings the
gospel brings into peoples' lives. It's cool to be able to see people
who are way prepared for baptism. Who have had the spirit work in them
as they experiment upon the word. Anyway, it's cool to be able to see
people change positively. Some other things that have happened...
We've found a few less actives this week in our tracting efforts.
We're really working now on doing all that we can to get our
investigators to church. I suppose that could be some of the most
important hours of the week as far as missionary work. The few hours
before and during church. It's a commandment that they only have the
chance to keep once a week. Anyway, We've got a few missionaries that
have serve here in kiribati who finished there time and now it's been
like 40 years since they served and they live here in betio. It's
awesome to hear their stories. They were like " we'd get up at 6:30
every morning. study, 1 hour. Breakfast, one hour. Then we'd go to
work" haha, it's funny how things have changed a bit. Our mission
president wants us to leave the house by 10:00. Which is really
awesome. It's nice to be out of the house early on. & then we can find
time language study and more companion study during the day and for
lunch as necessary. Yeah apparently back in the day there were a lot
of missionaries who went home early because "a kainnano ni baki"  they
were tired of always being hungry. Cause there weren't a ton of
members to feed them and according to him they didn't have a ton of
money or something like that. They'd work all day, skip lunch, and
then get back at 6:00, cook dinner, and go to sleep. Haha, it's cool
to hear all of his stories of back in the day. Speaking of dinners
with members. The members here are way nice. There was this one time
this week were our dinner fell through at the chapel, cause we were
gonna eat with the young men. One of our ward counselors was there, he
was just like "wait a minute". Then he paid for us all to bus to a
resturant, and then paid for our food at a resturant (this all while
we're trying to politely explain to him that we have money that we can
use). Yeah he's a pretty cool guy. There are some really kind members
here. Lots of really strong testimonies as well. It's cool to be able
to hear the members' conversion stories and stuff like that.
Well, I know the church is true. It's way cool and interesting to be
able to see the church on an island that's pretty isolated from the
world, but to see it function so well and to see the huge blessings it
brings to people. It's cause just like everywhere else, the people
have been able to gain there own testimonies and they know it's true.
I myself as well have gained a witness that continues to grow of the
truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and this church and also of
Christ's gospel. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Well, thanks again for everything, love you all! Ti a bo!!! - Elder SEffker

Monday, March 12, 2018

blessings of living God's commandments

So, this week was pretty good. We had some really good tracting this
week. We found a lot of new people we're able to teach. Specifically,
we found B and his wife Ba. B took lessons a bit about 10
years ago but never got baptized. He appartently already has a
testimony of the church. His wife is very open to our message as well.
There were a few other new people that we found. It's really cool to
be able to spread the message of the gospel. Even if they don't accept
the message. That's one of the things I've really learned a lot about
this week. Just teaching the message clearly, raising the voice of
warning, giving them a clear choice, and also seeking out those who
are prepared to receive the message.
Anyway, it's cool to see the Spirit work on people. It's cool to see
them get motivated. And also to see the blessings of living God's
commandments. We were able to see that quite a few times this week.
Well, mission work is going good! It's crazy when I think back at how
much I've grown. Missionary work is definitely a blessing. Teaching
has been a great blessing as well. The opportunity to teach every day
for 2 years is a good one! Especially among these Kiribati people who
are often very nice to let us come in and share our message.
This church is true. It's His church, it was restored by Him for us.
There's a lot of joy in store for us as we follow Him, and as we
choose to have joy. As we humbly seek happiness. Thanks for all you do
mom & dad and the fam!!! Thanks for the email that yous all sent!
Thanks again for the harmonica! haha. Hope you all have a good week!
Love you all!! - Elder Seffker

Monday, February 26, 2018

I've learned a lot from him which is awesome

Wow that's pretty cool about the blessing. I've heard and seen lots of
very cool stories as well about priesthood blessings here on my
mission. It's so awesome that Heavenly Father literally can bring
about any miracle just so long as we have faith. That's a cool story.
The family really is a very awesome and genius unit. Everyone grows,
and everyone can give service and benefit. It's amazing how you and
dad raised children who can now turn to serve you guys, using the
gifts they've been given from Heavenly Father.
Soooo, this week has been good. I'm in Betio 2nd. The first ward I've
been in on my mission. All else has just been branches and units. My
companion is pretty awesome as well haha. Elder P. He really takes
personally responsibility for the work and tries his best. Even though
he's newish and the junior comp. He's also really smart, which is
cool. he knows a lot about religion, and doctrine, and religious
history. We get together for companion study every morning and he
tells me the things he studied during personal study and I'm just
like.... wooow! I've learned a lot from him which is awesome. Yeah
we've got some great investigators in our ward right now. Also some
great fellowshippers. We've got a guy who comes to many of our lessons
named Ueyn. He's preparing to be a missionary. Sunday was awesome. us
four missionaries had the chance to speak in sacrament meeting. There
were some way good discussions going on in Sunday school and elder's
quorum. Any way, our house is gonna make me feel old again. The old
people apart from me are 4 transfers out now, on to their 5th.
Alright sorry I'll have to find time to write something for the ward
sometime sorry my time has been so short. Well, ti a bO!!!!! - Elder
SEffker Love you all!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nervous a bit, but excited a little bit too

Thanks for the letter!!!!
Wow that's cool about the guy who went home and did translation work.
I wonder as well if I'll  ever be able to be of service there. Cause
yeah kiribati is kind of an obscure language as well. But yeah, thanks
for the prays for our investigators. yeah T seems to be
continuing to progress fast, same as Na. yeah the two seventh
day adventist people are doing pretty good. We're trying to determine
what to do with them though. They were doing really good at reading
the Book of Mormon originally but now they've been kind not really
doing it. We're trying to schedule some member present lessons with
them and hopefully that will help them to be able to progress.
Any way, wow, that's a cool idea j had, quite the engineer.
Nice quotes! it's so true. yeah i've seen that a lot with missionary
work. it really humbles you, cause yeah, you really can't do the work,
nor will you enjoy it, without the Lord and His help. If we do have if
help though, then we can use our efforts and gifts to try to be of
service and move the work forward.
Well, this week has been good a well. Tranfers came! i'm moving to
Betio. Ahhhh! Nervous a bit, but excited a little bit too. T said
she's got a few siblings that live there that are less active so
that's awesome! We can go try to help them. I'm sure there's tons of
other good work there. we'll have to see. yeah, I've never worked on
the West side of the island. It should be interesting. Apparently it's
a little more modern. They also have more high quality grocery items
and stuff. Well. it should be good. Thanks for all you guys prayers!
prayer is so powerful! Well. yeah, I'm not yet sure who my companion
hey mom, by the way. My mission president said that we might consider
extending 30 days if we can, that's the amount that he's allowed to
without the first presidency's permission. So yeah, i just wanted to
see what you and dad thought about it! I tried to think it out. I
think when I get home i'll just be working for a while anyway, so I
don't think it would be bad with school or work. I understand that
it's another months worth of mission price, would it be possible
though? I'm not aware of any plans you guys have made either so yeah
just let me know if you guys think that would be a good thing or not.
I feel good about it. But yeah just let me know what you think!!!
Thanks again! Well, love you!!! Thanks for everything! Love ya
family!!!! Ti a bO!!!! - Elder SEffker

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Hey Mom and Dad!!!! Wow! hahaha, the pictures all look so great!!! i
can't believe how much everyone is changing! Even you guys, mom and
dad, I see you're clothes styles are changing a bit, dad's got new
glasses, and stuff like that!! Sharp! I can't believe how much we all
change. Even I myself, I know, have changed a lot too! Crazy..
Thanks for all the updates etc about the family! Nate's getting
married soon! Hope it all goes well!! Should be good!
That's cool about your guys marriage get away! Sounds like it went
good! Hopefully you guys learned a lot and had a great time!
Wow, I didn't know about Gazelem either! Interesting! Wait a minute,
brad wilcox..... did you guys already know him?
That's good to hear that Scott and melissa's dance went well. Yeah,
they're growing way fast. Wow, Scott ought to be able to send in his
papers soon, eh? I think it was march when I sent mine in, and I think
I got it at the first of april or something. Whenever we did that big
party at Loy Blake park with rotary and interact.
Well, yea. Kiribati's grammar is soooooo easy. But yeah, the
pronounciation is way different. To the point where you ask a person
to say a word slowly, and you hear the different sounds. Then they say
it normally, and you literally can't pick out certain sounds. Just
because of the nature of the way vowels are spoken. They kind of speak
out of a different part of their throat that you speak english in.
It's interesting. It's easier once you get the accent down though.
Gift of tongues is definitely a necessity. Especially in order to be
able to learn the language quickly enough in the short period of two
years that we have to serve in.
This week has been good! We've worked hard, seen lots of blessings!
Seen improvement! We've had a lot of good referrals lately. I think I
might have already mentioned Tebaakaro. But I'll explain his situation
a little bit. He randomly came back from Butaritari to live with his
parents here. His parents got baptized about a month ago. He's in a
really good situation to be taught. Elder Hanks is also growing a lot,
he taught pretty much the entire lesson to Tebaakaro the other day on
Plan of Salvation premortal life through till The Atonement. We got a
random referral for this one girl named Beiaa. She's very prepared,
she's been to church multiple times. She kind of lost contact with
missionaries somehow after having moved around a bit but got back with
em right before moving to our area. So, we contacted her on Saturday
and she came to church on Sunday, she's doing awesome, the ward
welcomed her in really good. She went into the chapel, sat down by no
one. We saw her a few minutes later and she had two other members of
the YSA sitting by her (she's 18). She said she really loved church
later that day. We're trying to get Nei Baroia to lesson with us with
her, Nei baroia is a member, 19 years old also. Elder Hanks and I have
been studying chapter 13 a bit this week as part of 12 week program.
It's so true, every new member needs a friend. Chapter 13 is awesome,
lots of good stuff in it. yeah we're trying to use a few more of the
ideas in that chapter right now in our work. It's so true, joining the
church is a big sacrifice. It's important that we support new members
and try to help join them into the social circle of the ward or
branch. Those were just a few of the things we learned from the
We've also had many chances this week to search the scriptures for
more support on the doctrines of the Gospel. We've been teaching two
houses from the 7th day adventists. They always want multiple
scriptural support on the doctrines we teach. We've found a lot of way
good scriptures in peter, job, hebrews, alma and many other books.
It's been pretty cool, way fun too!
Well, I gotta go soon!! Love you all!! Thanks for everything!!! have a
good week!!! Love ya! - ELder SEffker

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

entire week 24/7 we didn't speak in english!

So yeah the way we did our language fasting was that we chose a week
and for the entire week 24/7 we didn't speak in english!
Yeah it worked out pretty well! It was good!
Sorry I don't have a lot of time this week. My time is about to hit.
But, this week has been good!! Mauri means hello by the way. How are
you is ko uara.
I can send more on the language next week if you guys want hahaha. The
pronounciation is very simple, in theory.
Well, we've seen a lot of blessings this week! Love you all! Thanks
for the prayers! The church is true! Love yous! Ti a bO!- ELder

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

growth in our missionary skill

Yeah the new missionary intake is pretty cool. They're all pretty
close, just as all intakes. Those are they who you started the mission
life with. Just like our earth life, we're all close to our earthly
families. You can always turn to a member of your intake for company.
It's funny how many similarities there are between our earthly lives
and a mission. Any way, this week has been great! We've been "language
fasting" all week, haha, Elder H and I, and the other missionaries
in our house as well. It's gone really great actually, we've got 4
missionaries in our house. One has been out for 7 months, the other 3,
and yeah Elder H just a week or so. Haha, I can't believe how fast
the time goes by, I'm like an old man. We've had the language fast
going on, I've seen a few miracles come with it as well! Ten Tamana
offered to teach us Kiribati. He's so funny, when my new comp came and
met Tamana, he was like (huge smile, in a very even paced and
articulate accent) "Mauri! Mauri Elder H. Ko uara? Ko na riai n
reireiniko te taetae n te tai ae e waekoa" (Hey how are you? You need
to teach yourself the language in a very quick fashion) "Teuana te
namakaina, ao ko bwati ne, ko kona n taetae. Uoua te namakaina, ao ko
fluent, completely. Ti na reireiniko bwa ko aonga n taetae n aron te I
Kiribati" (one month, you can speak, two, you're completely fluent.
I'm going to teach you how to speak like a gilbertesian).
Anyway, those lessons have been pretty good. The language fast has
definitely helped out.
We've seen a lot of growth in our missionary skill as well. We split
our little area between our 2 companionships. We've had a lot of time
to tract. Tracting is a great learning experience. I've learned more
about really focusing on the restoration. We visited this one lady who
told us that she wasn't allowed in her church to lesson with us on
anything that opposed her beliefs. We tried any way, because this lady
was kind of a referral, we lessoned on just a random verse in the
bible. yeah it didn't go way well. I learned just to focus on finding
those who are prepared, even if they've been referred to you. We were
able to find a house afterward where we lessoned on the restoration
and had success, he was a member of the 7th day Adventists. A way nice
guy. Apparently he had been a teacher in Makin where I used to be.
Anyway, Thanks for the update on the family! Ahh the bachelorette
party, that's awesome! Sounds like gold's gym is going great.  Yeah
that's a pretty good gym I've heard. Did you guys get a month pass or
a year pass? Well have a good week! Love you! - ELder Seffker