Monday, July 16, 2018

God's power is stronger than the power of satan

Week has been pretty good. We've seen lots of blessings and miracles.
Yeah N is awesome, he and T came to church this week! Yeah
little by little, they're doing great. We got talking about who
Jehovah was in our lesson, and then that got us talking about
different religions, and then that got us talking about the religion
"the water" that gave N a blessing for the stroke that left half
of his body slightly paralyzed. Turns out the blessing did work after
all, a little bit, not completely though. That's what confused me, I
wondered how someone not having the Priesthood could give a blessing
and for it to actually bless someone. After he received the blessing
he was able to talk and walk. So that's what confused me. But then as
they explained it further, we realized it was most likely due to black
magic. That's kind of something that I've learned recently more so. If
it's God's Priesthood, it's God's power, if it's not, it's simply not
God's power. If it's by some other power that's not God's Priesthood,
it's really the devil's power. We had a similar thing happen in
Butaritari. But yeah, my comp Elder I asked about it in that
case, how was someone not possessing Priesthood power able to perform
an effective blessing, and our mission President explained that there
is power of the devil and he can use it to lead people away. I'm so
grateful to be able to hold God's true restored Priesthood, and I know
it really is His power. I also know that God's power is stronger than
the power of satan. It's a great security in our world today where
there's so much evil.
So yeah, we had the opportunity to give N a blessing, cause he
asked for one, he's been in his condition for the last ten years I
believe. We were also able to give their kid a blessing for his
A is not yet baptized, but on his way, he's been really faithful
to his commitments, so we going to do the interview this week. His mom
and dad just work a lot, but we were able to meet them already. We'll
try to get a time with them soon. They're really nice as well.
Some other cool things we saw this week: we did a bit of tracting and
were able to meet a few people that seem prepared. One guy was like
"this book is really different", he'd found a book of mormon in his
security booth. We also found this one guy that had only one lesson
from missionaries before but then didn't make contact with them, but
is interested in our message.
Any way, this really is God's work, even though we're not perfect, if
we try hard to improve each day, Heavenly Father will make use of our
efforts in performing His work here on earth.
Well, thanks again! Love you all!!! Thanks for the prayers and
everything and support. have a good week!!! -Elder Seffker

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Spirit was felt a lot stronger

Well, this week has been pretty good. We meet lots of less actives.
We've got a few investigators that are doing pretty awesome. It's so
cool how the gospel and power of Jesus Christ and also the whisperings
of the Spirit can bring about such change in peoples lives and such
good. There was this one guy, N, he shaved his beard cause he
wanted to look cleaner for church. He looks way clean. His wife,
T, has been recognizing the whisperings of the Spirit in her life
and is finding lots of joy in knowing and living the truths of the
gospel. She's seeing how repentance is real, and how she can receive
forgiveness of sins. N has also made lots of good change. Their
house used to be a little smelly haha, and dirty but we walked in a
few days ago and it was clean and smelled good and the Spirit was felt
a lot stronger.
It's cool how we were able to see blessing in the lives of people and
in our area even though we aren't perfect missionaries, and we have
many struggles as well even though we're trying always for
We got to see Priesthood power in effect as this lady that lives next
to us called us out at 4 am to give her very old mother a blessing. We
gave her a blessing, then next day turns out that she was totally good
after the blessing she was able to be comforted and then feel asleep.
Her daughter, she's also old like 50 years old, didn't originally know
what the problem was, but she decided to read from the book of mormon,
asked the old lady which verse she like, and the old lady pointed her
to a verse that talk about how "I want to gather my people before I
die". That was apparently her problem, she wanted to be with her kids
before she passed, but they hadn't come yet.
Well, some other cool things that happened this week, we've got a guy
named Anaree preparing for baptism. He's doing pretty good. He's 16 I
think, his uncle wants him to be baptized, we're trying to get with
the parents as well.
Well, have a good week! Love you mom! Love you family! - ELder SEffker
PS happy birthday to E and j this month

Monday, June 25, 2018

Definitely learned a lot, grown a lot

Well, this week has been pretty good. Definitely learned a lot, grown
a lot. I've learned how great studies can be. It's hard at times to
get in a good study in just one hour. That's how I was at home. If it
wasn't at least like 2 hours it wasn't really an actual study. But,
study is important cause if you study, you'll know what to do as a
missionary, and it will be easier to do, and funner. My comp. was sick
so I got like a 6 hour personal study on like Thursday or something.
Any way, we've got this elder living in our house who just came in
from an outer island. His name is Elder S. He's got some
pretty good stories haha, about different investigators and also just
like things he's heard and read in books. He's got like a full 2 pages
of really small print handwritten scripture references that support
the different doctrines in this church. and answers to different
questions that some people have.
He's a really experienced missionary. And really hard working. He
originally worked in the Ms but then came here after 8 months.
and has been here since. His time ends in one month.
I got news that I'm transfering. It's so crazy how the time flies, I
felt like I was just emailing you guys about how I just got here. It's
sad to leave a bit, but I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to
work here. I've learned so much and grown so much. Legit. It's been
such a blessing. Some days it's been hard, yet I've been blessed with
so much joy as I've served the people here. There are some really cool
members of the church here. It feels short, but looking back, so much
has changed and I'm grateful for the opportunities I've been given and
also for the major growth I've had.
Church was good this week. There was also a fireside after ward.
Sisters put it on. They're way awesome. There was a great show, like
over 100 people. I had the opportunity to speak. As well as another
missionary. haha, his name is Elder S, he also just randomly
volunteered to sing a solo. I don't think he's ever sang a solo before
in front of any group of people let alone over 100. Haha, I was
talking to him before the thing, I'm like "you're singing a solo eh?"
He talked about how he was trying to build up his courage before he
sang. maybe he didn't anticipate 100 people coming, haha jk. He's a
really willing Elder. nonetheless, he did a really good job. I was
pretty amazed. It was definitely a blessing from willingness.
The work is going great in B, in B 2 Ai was baptized,
his 8 year old son K was as well. Elder S also had a couple
who got baptized, ka and A in B 1. The work is going
great here, we've seen tons of blessings, even amidst trials.
Well, thanks for all you do! Love you mom! Also, happy birthday to
all this month. Anyway, love
you all! Bye! - Elder SEffker

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Heavenly Father does give us the help we need to overcome problems

Hey Mom and family!!!!
No problem! I'm kind of short on time as well :/ Plans have gone a little wacky this morning so that's why we don't have that much time to email :/
But hope everyone is doing good! Thank you so much!!!! Honestly I'm not sure if there's anything I specifically need in the package. Thank you so much, Just send whatever you guys want!
Well, this week has been pretty cool. T, T, J, and Ts, a family of four, were able to prepare and make it to the waters of baptism. They're way faithful. Such a good family. Ta's testimony touched me at the service. It was something I didn't even completely know. he said "I was up at night, my wife and kids were all asleep. I was just praying that I'd be able to stop smoking", he explained that it was something that he'd had a hard time with for a long time, felt he just couldn't stop, he wasn't satisfied or completely helped with the church he was in before either. Well, I testify that it really is true that if we really plead with Heavenly Father, He really does give us the help we need to overcome problems. That's what T experienced. He woke up the next morning, and in his words he simply didn't want to smoke any more. T was extrememly touched by this experience as he shared it, and I imagine he gained a firm testimony of God's love for him, and also the power of prayer. Any way, I as well was surprised a bit to hear it, cause I didn't know he stayed up in the night praying hard, really just pleading. Anyway, his wife also shared a good testimony. She read 3 Nephi 27 with the intent to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It turns out that she was indeed able to gain a testimony from that chapter! I know that if we truly read, we truly study it out in our mind, and we try to find answers to our questions. And then we truly ask God where it is that He wants us to be, whether or not the book is true. I know that we really will have our prayers answered and that we'll be able to know if the church is true and also the Book of Mormon.
Gotta go bye love yous!!!  Elder SEffker

as faithful as ever

Hey mom! and family! Wow that's so cool to hear about Scott! Wow, I
hope he does good! That'll be cool cause he's got a phone you guys'll
be able to keep in touch. I hope you enjoy all the pictures I sent!
I'll try to take even more. So, the couple there is Eena and
Tebwebweia that I've been talking about for a while. That's Elder Gila
my comp. as well. The little baby is some lady in our ward's baby
that's really cute. The resturant looking picture is a dinner we had
with members, we went to a resturant, it reminded me of the times we
used to eat at resturants cause they also have a fairly big family,
fun times!!!
Well, this week was good, thanks btw for the packages and letters,
they're really fun to read, thanks as well for all the money, it's
really useful because then I can buy stuff that I can take home like
lavalava's, shirts, and woven kiribati goods. Yeah, thanks again for
everything! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the letters! Yeah I'm totally
proud of Scott, and everyone, that's cool Scott got to be ordained as
an Elder. If you prepare yourself, the Lord will give you a witness by
the Spirit that the ordinances are His as you receive them, it's
really cool, we've seen that a lot as well on the mission as people
have received ordinances such as baptism. i read it as well in a book
teachings of the prophets one of them, how as we're baptized the Lord
will show us that it really is His will through His Spirit. Nice
pictures by the way. Man everyone looks wayyyy sharp. Legit. Well,
looks like everyone is changing little by little, it's cool, even mom
and dad. Cool cool. Hi dad! have fun driving. Haha, btw I got your
guys recent letter, so Becca asked which books I would reccommend to
her.... well, I personally enjoyed novels written in the 1800's and
early 1900's just because authors of that era seem to chose their
words more carefully which is a style that appeals to me. But, find
books that you like. I liked neverending story. Withering Heights was
alright, I just didn't finish it. Pride and Prejudice. Some random
book I found on Google library: a romance of dots and dashes, or
something like that (it's about a lady who meets a guy using the
telegram thing or something like that). At your age I enjoyed,
honestly I really wasn't reading that much at your age, but percy
jackson, fable haven, harry potter, they're all good! You talked a bit
about Mr. W mom! Yeah he was a really awesome teacher! Yeah
he was really funny, really good english teacher, I really enjoyed his
class. He was cool, his class was really enjoyable because he pushed
us to do good, but he didn't push us too hard, and he also made class
and assignments really interesting and useful. His class is the one I
presented the rubik's cube video in, it was our project. If I could
give any advice to Scott I'd say try to contact a missionary serving
in Surinam, an RM would be best that he could talk to, but emailing a
missionary works as well. Unless he already has a good idea of what
the mission is like.
Well, this week has been pretty good! We got to see E and
T baptized! It's so cool, sometimes there are stresses in
preparing for the service, and the interviews and stuff, but I've
noticed that everything generally goes surprisingly smoothly which has
shown me that this really is His work and that He really does want
these people to be baptized whom He's been watching and helping every
step of their lives. Their baptism went well, there were a few things
that happened that we didn't plan for but all in all everything worked
out, and it turned out to be a great baptism. There was a good show of
people, and there were people who gave talks and everything.
Bo has gone through some hard times but it turns out it all worked
out for his good. He came to church again this week and is as faithful
as ever. Now they're just gonna get married and we'll give them a
baptismal date and stuff.
Well, thanks again for all the prayers! They're so helpful! I pray for
you guys as well! Hope everyone is good and stuff! Well love you
all!!! Thanks for everything mom! love you! - ELder SEffker

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

the gospel has helped their little baby as well

Mauri mauri!
So this week has been good also, me and my comp had a bit of sickness,
but only for a few days. And we also weren't sick for district
meeting, which was a blessing. This week I worked with Elder Gila, and
also Elder Tiakia a little bit. Elder Gila is my comp., and when he
was sick, I worked with Elder Tiakia. Elder Tiakia is awesome, he goes
home this thursday. He's really good at speaking gilbertese, he's an
awesome teacher, friendly, he's really cool. He's from new zealand,
part samoan. He's really funny as well. But yeah he'll be leaving our
house this thursday. Meaning there will only be 3 elders for one of
our areas, meaning we're gonna try to line up a lot of splits,
especially because one of them is sick, so if we don't get a split
none of them can leave, cause someone's got to stay in the house with
the sick Elder. We asked a few YSA on Sunday, hopefully it should be
good. So we were gonna do a marriage this week with a couple who their
marriage paper just came. We were gonna have bishop do the marriage.
Unfortunately it fell through at the very end, the wife wasn't quite
ready, were not quite sure what her problem was. We were suprised a
bit because they asked us to line up their marriage and then they
weren't ready but it's not too much of a problem. Hopefully they get
married later on, they're gonna talk to us this week. But so we went
to bishop after that explained the situation to him, it went well. His
son is coming back from his mission as well this teusday. He told us a
story of how his son just recently got in a car crash, 8 missionaries
in a van. their car rolled 3 times. But, no one even had hardly a
scratch. The only thing that happened was their son had a little
scratch from glass on his eyebrow. So yeah, that was pretty
miraculous. But then he told a story he'd heard also about
missionaries who were driving and they got in a crash and there were
tons of injuries and stuff, even deaths. It's way sad. He attributed
it to his son and them wearing seat belts, as he thinks was the case.
It's way to bad to hear about sad stories, cool though how his son and
them seemed to all have been wearing seat belts, obedience definitely
is important, even the small rules. Well, sacrament meeting was way
awesome! We haven't seen Bwatio in a while because he had a few
problems happen and he was in a different city for a while. But he
randomly showed up to church, which was sooo awesome! It was so cool
to see him, he's got a way good heart, man, he apparently has faith
that this church is where he needs to be, so now we've got a time with
him for this teusday. Eena and Tebwebweia and their little baby came.
I think part of their testimony is how much the gospel has helped
their little baby as well. It's definitely part of Eena's, he shared
that ever since they started learning the gospel, their baby hasn't
really had bad fevers as was the case before that. It's so true what
mom always says when she's like "Heavenly Father is so good", we heard
tons of way awesome testimonies in testimony meeting about tender
mercies, and truths the people shared that definitely testify of this.
It was a way great testimony meeting. The sickness has been rough this
week a bit, but I really didn't want to be sick and I was blessed only
to have been sick for not even two days! Elder Gila had really short
time being sick as well. A mwaiti kakabwaia iaora! So how is Scott's
language learning coming along? haha, No questions yet as far as
mission prep? How's the working out mom and dad? You guys run a lot?
Still go to the junior high? Well, love ya guys!!! Thanks so much for
all the prayers, they are very effective! Well, ti a bo! - Elder