Monday, September 28, 2015

we are precious

thanks, I feel really good here in this new area, it is also cool to see you are doing good. I really feel like this area and companion will be able to teach me a lot, it makes me feel like I am in a test, you know like a game. but more serious like  a socialist society like that lame book me and Mike read called hatched but a lot cooler, something that I am already learning now is to love the people more and do things for the right reasons always, ``obedience is the first law in heaven but love is part of the first great commandments`` that is not a quote but it is a good summary of things I have been learning, so also something cool is my prayers are becoming more cool , I mean it is easier now to have faith without thinking too much on that, there are always good challenges though. I feel really happy now thinking of the valuable things this short time and effort has taught me. So to be clear I am in an area called P I dont know why I wrote that it means nothing to you well I guess if you really want you can all look up P on Google and see it, its a small city I think, a big area for a missionary, we have like half the city or something, anyway I know the things I am learning here are important, the people are extremely important to the Lord here, I mean it that is something else, maybe one of the bigger things I am learning now is that to God we are precious so be sure to remember that in case you forget, there are many trials coming I am guessing and one for me was loving my self more and accepting the Savior. well love you all chau

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

faith has really strengthened me

well this week was great we had a killer lesson with Migelina, we took a tiny bit of initiative and brought her neighbor, they are friends by blessing and the lesson was way fun, this person is really open and we laugh a bit but during the Spiritual moments she seems to be understanding and during the lesson she mentioned that she wants to share the Gospel and go and help the people, it seems after we talk about baptism she always says something about enduring to the end, she is learning the Gospel, she shared some experiences with us that I can directly relate to, it was really Spiritual when she related a dream she had and I was able to testify of how the Lord has spoken to me in a similar way and the other dream she had is starting to make sense, truly the Lord is preparing people as He has said, during my prayers that night I felt that the Lord called me here to be there as a part of my life. well also something cool is I am seeing real conversion in myself which honestly has been difficult, learning day after day by faith has really strengthened me and during one of my studies I realized I have come for a really good purpose as I felt prompted to ask my self some questions about my testimony by reading the baptismal interview questions I realized how much my testimony has been strengthen, that is probably one of the most valuable things I found here, so awesome, yeAh yeeeeah yeEah well just so you know I have been receiving your letters I will respond...... in a year or so, unless I forget jk Ill respond soon. this week was a success, love you all sorry i dont have time to respond to dads letter but I read it  nobody else get injured 
We sent him a cool Lego man Light!! He got it! YEAH

Monday, September 14, 2015

Nate's companion taught him some authentic Bolivia food!

His way is better

my Sabbath day was a good.  
that is a cool story, it really makes sense, I feel like coming to Church this week was a little bit like that in the story, in the way that me and my companion felt like we worked pretty hard, and invited a lot of people to Church that said they would come but nobody came from our investigators but it was a good lesson, why, because after I was sort of disappointed for a little bit, I started thinking about what is important, especially about the future, I don't have to feel bad if other people don't do their part but that is what usually bothers me, is I never have done my part 100% I have tried but I don't quite make it so I was thinking of that a little in Church until we took the Sacrament, everything went good after that it made me feel like a little kid, reminds me of 3 ne 11 where is says we should all become as little children to enter into the kingdom of God. so that is something that was really cool this week is taking the Sacrament, in my prayers at night I was talking about that, how I can be more like a little kid, and more innocent. what is interesting is I said a prayer asking what I could do, I said the prayer before going in to the Sacrament room and the answer I got was something like "depend on the Lord" so I guess that was all I had to do, that really is wise counsel, something that I have been learning lately, it has helped me view the contrast in feelings between depending on Him and trying to solve everything by yourself, we anyway that is what I learned and I know that the Lord talks to those who really try to talk to Him but in His own way and His way is better. love you thanks for your support all, thanks for your prayers love you

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

faith in the people

Well this week was a good one, we have found some really cool people the Lord is really blessing us, I have seen a lot of faith in the people we are teaching and it has made me a lot stronger to see examples of people appying faith, sort of motivates you a little bit, we seem to be getting a lot better as a companionship from when we meet each other like 3 months ago, I think my companion has improved in a lot of things and we have been able to help each other a lot, I will have to tell you more about what happened this week but her is a bit

we found a guy that is really faithful that wants to be baptised and be sealed with his family, i know you have heard a million stories like this before but for him to make it to church they have to get up at like 4 in the morning or something and this guy is really awesome, in Church he already seemed to have a testimony on tithing before we even taught him tithing, his wife/girlfriend is a member and he is an example to her, she said she got sick one night and it was really hard for her and when morning came she saw her husband reading in the Scriptures, this guy starting reading the Gospel Principles book basically before we even starting teaching him.  the Lord has shown me lately some really great examples, how interesting they arent even members. I am really grateful that I am here, the Lord has blessed me a lot, I honestly dont feel like I am at all better because I have came to meet some people lately, I am trying to improve here since I got here, some days are harder than others it seems and some are just like dreams when you think about them, they go really fast but what I am saying is I dont know why now in my mission suddenly at this time the Lord has shown me two really prepared people but I know it isnt just because i took a Spiritual quantum leap, I am happy to see now a little more clearly that the people I have taught before on my mission probably did understand what I shared and there may be many seeds left in people. that was something that I didnt think about untill just a bit ago here in the past few weeks or so, but love you I know the Church is true.