Monday, April 27, 2015

book of Mormon is true

Well this week was another good one, we found a cool person named Oscar that looks like he will progress, we were on a división in my área and we were looking for some place and we asked him, and he offered some seats so we taught him the restoration and he seems really golden so far, he is good with the idea of baptism and all that and he says we can pretty much visit everyday. Its seems that in this área there are many people that have progressed and are ready to progress. The members here are really nice and they are really willing to help with visits and befriend people it seems. The best part of this área is probably that the Sunday meetings seem to run really well. It makes me wonder how some ramas can start with so few people and grow quickly while others with hundreds of people only can maintain a few members, definently a part of it is how the people get taught or how much they learn and teach themselves. Another big thing is the member missionary work, especially on a small scale, like getting to know people. But my companion told me something interesting, that he has never seen a less active member that reads the Book of Mormon, and it is true I think that is one of the main things that keeps a rama up for so much time and lets it grow.
I know that the book of Mormon is true and that is has the power to tell us what the Lord is saying mabye check out 2 nephi 32, especially verse 3 and 5 is good too.
Love you all

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