Wednesday, April 22, 2015

people willing to help

It has been another good week, I would say its highlights were definitely yesterday in Church and the division I did here. So the division went better than I thought, I remember when I would have been so nervous to do something like that, a division in your second week in a new area, but things didn't appear so bad, I was honestly pretty excited to do the division, although it didn't work out perfect I am satisfied that things went well, and we were able to teach some cool lessons and find some people as we found some people. The area here is really nice there are a lot of people willing to help all you have to do is ask them most of the time, there are a lot of good references that people give us also. Like one we did we just visited once and found a husband that wants to go to Church and maybe be baptized. In my last letter I think I said something about a guy that I gave a blessing to, well he showed up at Church and not only that but his wife too, my companion said that is really cool.

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