Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Atonement is real and that it changes sad people to become happy

well one cool thing is the time of year it is. this marks the upcoming general conference and the birth of Jesus Christ as well as the celebration of His resurrection and Atonement,  I have felt like a sort of good feeling is around especially as I think of the Savior and what He has done. These are just words you are reading but maybe you understand too, what sort of joy comes from all that, yesterday In my studies I found something interesting. I think it is in Alma at the first or so, it says the people had a joy looking forward to the resurrection which is very true, in Church someone commented almost the exact same thing in the lesson we had. This person that commented came to Church by a blessing, before he was not active, we had visited him and talked about getting him back to Church but I think he just didn't feel ready, we reminded him of his mission and shared some cool scriptures on agency in Moses but I had no idea how to help him honestly other than read the Book of Mormon. He had received this and suddenly came to Church when he learned that someone he had baptized years ago wanted to go to Church too, and they called him and from there he decided to go. In Church we learned about the Atonement in the class and had a talk in Sacrament meeting on the same, I learned in my studies recently about the Atonement too, and the Sacrament, I know that the Atonement is real and that it changes sad people to become happy.  Love you

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