Monday, April 6, 2015

Christ loves us and I love you all

 I have been traveling a bit to asunción, i am actually writing now in the terminal it is pretty cool. well i will be now heading back to concepción maybe for the last time, tomorrow we will get changes and if i get changed i will hop on another colectivo, or bus except it is nothing like a bus in the united states, the miracles I have seen this week have been great, I am trying to improve everyday, well my companions name is Elder D. He is from Brazil, I have learned some cool lessons from Him. I had a good Easter, I know everyone hears this but I think it was the best I have had so far.I  will just end with my testimony I know the Church is true and, i hope we all can feel that. Christ loves us and I love you all have a good week, I consider today important, who knows why? besides Mike and Dad and Mom

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