Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lord really has a plan for her

Hola well it has been a good week, this week had a lot in it, I really am enjoying it in this new area. There is a lot to learn and I feel pretty good about it. Some cool things are happening here already, there are some really faithful people here. For example we contacted someone a few days back and she had told us that someone recently died in her family she was sad about it but told us that she had been praying and felt better. She said also that this person passed away about 15 days ago, about 15 years ago someone else close to her passed away, at the time the missionaries also showed up but over time they lost contact. We showed up just in time to help her, the Lord really has a plan for her and that is what we felt like we should teach too, it is so nice to teach people humble to a degree to listen and have faith in what we say. Another great thing I have seen is we had a really cool less active member tell us how he recently prayed to know if the Church is true and read in Isaiah I think and then feel asleep and saw a vision. Basically what is hard for him now is not his testimony so much as him not being physically able. Yesterday we gave him a blessing and it was really amazing, I believe he will get better, as I gave the blessing the Spirit told me that, I told him he has to have faith though, I think he will be in Church soon. 
my new companion is Elder M, he is really nice, I have got

ten good companions so far in the mission

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