Thursday, August 7, 2014

The key is just to read it / Purple intestine

I finished the Book of Mormon another time this week and today just started it over starting by reading through the introduction and the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses. I LOVE that Book. It is true. I think I could easily read it all day. I read a little quote from Parley P. Pratt this morning telling about his experience, he told how when he first got his hands on a Book of Mormon he read the same as I did this morning but then continued on reading and reading. He said that eating was a burden and sleeping was a burden while he read so he just continued and when he had finished he had received a divine witness from the Holy Ghost that it was true. I too have received that witness. I think that's why I love that book so much. It is true. It's amazing. Last time though I was highlighting scriptures organized by three categories: Characters, Chronology, and Geography. Now I have a list of all references related to those topics and will study according to those. This time through though, I decided to read through my patriarchal blessing first and pray about what my potential is and who Heavenly Father wants me to become. I listed characteristics and decided I would highlight scriptures that had to do with those subjects to help me learn how to gain such. There are a lot of ways to read it, but I think the key is just to read it. I love the Prophet Joseph Smith's testimony in it. He really was a prophet. If we diligently read it and study it and pray we can know. 
I love y'all! 
Elder Russell

wow thats great, i love hearing the things everybody is doing and thanks for praying for me, i am doing good too. also the language is coming along really nice, i still cant talk that much but i feel like i have learned a ton. almost every day so far seems like two days, it is not boring though. oh yeah, my companion is really cool too, he is really nice and patient, he knows a lot more spanish than me so he has been helping me a lot, he is also an organized person so i have already started to be a bit more organized, he is from canada so i have caught a little bit of his canadian accent too mixed with a latino missionary accent. 
the mtc here is really cool, it is probably not half as big as the provo one, there probably are less than 70 people here. the Spirit here is strong. the spanish here comes quick because you can try to talk to the latinos all the time, they are patient and try to help you learn. the food here is great i think the cook is sort of famous, im pretty sure he used to cook for the pope. and the food is really good, if we would have bought it at a restaurant back home i bet it would have cost a ton, the only super interesting thing i have had so far was this purple intestine looking thing. it did not taste horrible it just smelled strange. they did not tell us exactly what it was until later, i guess they drain blood from a pig and they cook it then they put it in intestines and then tie it off like sausages and then let it sit for a couple weeks. dont let that fool you though the food really is good.
Love you
Elder Seffker

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