Monday, August 11, 2014

"that was amazing!"

Here's an update for this amazing week!
I wish I had more time to write more detailed on this but unfortunately I'm running a little low. But anyway some highlights from the week:
We went to the temple with Jeremy! It was amazing! He was a little nervous at first but as he sat in the temple he felt the Spirit and when he came out he was just smiling and said, "that was amazing!" the next day he left us a voicemail asking when we can do it again and how often he can go. I love him. It was such a special thing to be able to walk along with him in his journey of being baptized and now entering the House of the Lord. I feel so blessed to be able to know him. It's really humbled me in a lot of ways seeing the amazing blessings that God has been willing to give us. 
This week was one where the zone was focusing on finding more investigators. We had prayed about it and felt that that was an area that we needed to really focus on at this time. We had a meeting with the leaders in the zone and prayed together to confirm God's will with our goals we had set and knew that He was willing to bless us with reaching them. We worked really hard this week and we ended up with about 50% more children of God to start teaching than we set as our goal (which was high to start with). Elder Theis and I saw a lot of miracles in our companionship of amazing people being placed in our path and them in ours. 
Virginia is getting baptized next week. She's amazing. We had some really good lessons with her last week. Her main battle is just keeping away from cigarettes. We've been praying with her every day and doing all we can to help her. She's such a nice lady. The gospel has already changed her in a lot of ways. 

Well I love y'all! Sorry this isn't longer I'm outta time.
Elder Russell

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