Thursday, July 31, 2014

Two sons in the Mission Field

Well, I just received Nate's email. He's arrived safe and sound to his destination at the Argentina MTC. Everything went great in preparation to his drop-off at the airport. It was an early morning, but we did it. We really all felt so much excitement and cheer. Some of the children commented on how our family just chooses to be happy rather than sad. Of course I shed a few tears, but more so felt proud and blessed. We celebrated as a family at one of our favorite restaurants after his setting apart as an Elder the night before. Pictures, hugs, good-byes, and more pictures were taken. In the morning on the way to the airport I had to laugh that Nate was still watching "The District."  This was the last requirement on his to-do list in the missionary booklet to prepare for this mission. Ha Ha

Still watching "The District!!"

Three other Elders traveled with him to Argentina. They all looked so happy and yes, I admit very young. The church is true. It's a phenomenon to me that a bunch of young men can bring the light and truthfulness of the gospel to the world. It's because the message is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and it is what converts people to this wonderful gospel. Jesus is the Christ and this is his church.

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