Thursday, August 28, 2014

dogs of evil come at you use your scripture power

wow well it is cool to hear what you guys are doing, Mom i love to read the scriptures you tell me about, last Sunday i talked about Alma 34 with my district, that and a personal experience have helped me have a stronger testimony of the Atonement, i especially like the verse that says ´´cry unto Him for He is mighty to save, the Atonement is real i feel like the more you act like the Savior the more you can appreciate the things He went through. also i am glad to hear some things going well with you and the family, i don't know if i will have enough time to respond to all the cool and funny things. so you say Hilary is writing a song, that is really cool, i sort of mis listening to Hil and Elder play the piano, i think now i would ask them for a few tips, in other words take advantage of piano time and what the teachers can help you with and im talking generally to the kids. Melissa is going to junior high i think she will really enjoy it and i am sure she will make some friends. thats cool that scott and melissa can walk with some people in the ward. jared i remember when mom showed me how to get gas for the first time and the next time when i went to do it myself  i forgot how to do it, i said a prayer and i think scott allen showed up in the gas stall thing next to mine so i was able to just ask him to make sure i did it right. i remember i rode my bike for a while before i felt like i could drive. oh yeah maybe dad can relate to this, i was going proselyting and we walk down this street, it looks like a normal street and this dog walks across and i say wow that is a big dog and we keep walking like we would do with any other dog and this other big dog comes behind me and starts barking so i and my companion start walking away and the dog comes at me, it was really funny because i held up my scriptures like i was going to throw a rock at it  and it would stop and act scared and when i would turn around it would follow me, me and my companion started to laugh about and we have been laughing about for a while, with the district they call me dog slayer sometimes probably because the story has gotten exaggerated a little bit, ´´ the dog was 15, 16, no 20 feet and it comes at me so i sent an uppercut to the jaw and tied him up with my belt, i saved my comps life that day and the whole village.´´ but seriously when the dogs of evil come at you use your scripture power and they wont even try. my companion pointed out that analogy. 
any way i love hearing what you guys have done keep it up i cant wait to hear that song Hilary is cooking up. in the words of my district leader ´´we are just so blessed´´ he says it all the time

Love you,
Elder Seffker

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