Thursday, August 21, 2014

best parts of my mission so far

i went proselyting on Saturday, it was really fun, i thought it was going to be harder than it was, although the reason it wasn't to hard is because i think the people were so prepared to receive what we gave them.

me and my companion fasted a couple days before and it went really well, the first few people we talked to we just said hola and some of them responded, then we walked past these two old guys, one of them was smoking and wearing a grandpa hat, he was a little bigger, the other looked like a skinny old guy, when we started talking to them they did not really want to hear about the Gospel, we asked them if we could practice our Castiyando with them and they were pretty nice about it, since there were two of them i ended up talking to the guy with a grandpa hat for a minute, he told me how obama was bad, how his kids live nearby except his daughter or something, he told me he thinks England is alright, they seem to be more interested in politics in america more than a lot of americans, eventually i was talking to the other guy and we starting talking about religions in the area, we talked about what books religions have, we showed him the book of Mormon as another testament of Jesus Christ and layed the Moroni 10 promise, he seemed really happy, they were both really nice, they said we could come by sometime and eat something at one of their houses.
oh and we talked to a bunch of other people also, we talked to this police officer guy, he wasnt in uniform though, we probably got his address in like 2 or 3 minitues, before we walked up to him i think i had a feeling to just give him something, like a pass along card, i didn't do that right at first but i did give him one by the end, he didn't talk to us for very long i think he said he had to help his mom or something like that, i was really amazed at how nice so many people were in the area,
also we talked with some other people i dont have time to write too much about but one was this really nice lady who was selling stuff, we starting talking to her because my companion was getting some ice cream, everyone in buenos aires sells ice cream i think, she was Catholic and we didnt get to talk about the Gospel a lot but we got to give her this sort of card thing with info on it, people really seem to like getting presents even if they are small pieces of paper. we talked to  this kid and gave him a pamphlet, i remember telling him not to throw it away, expecting him to go show it to his friends and laugh as they threw it in the garbage, i was so happy when we saw him walk by about an hour or two later with his friends still holding the pamphlet. i think that and when we were able to give the BOM away were the best parts of my mission so far
i am out of time, Love you all see ya
Elder Seffker

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