Wednesday, September 3, 2014

always laughing and smiling

This week was great! I love this work. I can't imagine things going much better. Missionary work is so fulfilling. I am loving life so much right now. Elder Theis is an amazing companion. He is so funny, sometimes we get talking while working and are always laughing and smiling (we probably look a little weird to some people but that's ok. we're missionaries so it's hard to help that). We love this work. We moved apartments this past week because of some little changes in the zone at the transfer meeting. We were SOOOO glad neither of us got transferred. We love this are and love being companions. We didn't know for sure if we were going to leave because of a call we got from one of the assistants the night before transfers telling us to pack everything up and that we'd be moving apartments. We thought there may have been a chance that we'd be moving to a different ward. We were realized how much the people in this area and the ward mean to us. Anyway, I'm going on a lot of random tangents.
This week we had some good things happen (most of which I won't have time to cover). On friday we helped an older couple move. I guess things went a little different than they had in mind so it took a little longer than planned haha. It was a really good workout though. Elder Theis and I were pretty sore the next day. They were a really nice couple. A member from our ward knew the lady in the couple and had found out that she was moving but had helpers cancel and told her she'd make a call and see if we could help (of course we could). I love when members put us to use. 
We've been meeting with Ray still. He's doing pretty good but has a lot of things going on in life that have made reading and praying really hard. We had a really good lesson with him yesterday about it. He has some more hope in life and is making some plans to help some things that are causing a lot of stress and worry for him. The Book of Mormon would solve so many problems in people's lives if they just open it up. We also met with the Alexander family. They're amazing! I love them. They are so fun to have lessons with. We had a lesson where we watched a video called, "The great Apostasy." It's a really good video about how Wilford Woodruff was converted. He had a long search and finally found the church when it was restored. The Apostasy has been a subject I really have been interested in lately. It's a good topic and necessary to know if you want to understand the Restoration in its entirety. 
Well, I Love y'all. have a good one! 
Elder Russell

This is a picture of elder theis and me with shades I think I may have sent it before. Then we have our old district (ClearLake District)

Here's a picture of me teaching Benjamin the piano. He's an awesome kid. His mom is a member and his dad isn't yet but they're the nicest people. They're Vietnamese.

Most of our zone and Elder Albiston my zone leader companion for the last few transfers

This is most of the league city zone. Some couldn't be there for some reason.

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