Monday, April 24, 2017

the power is in you to do good

So this week has been pretty good. My language is progressing which is
good. I'm working to listen closely to what they say and I've grown a
lot in actually understanding them. It's crazy how much language
learning has to do with just being exposed to it continually and
consistently. There are some missionaries here who don't even study
the language, and yet they've come to be pretty functional and can
understand people. Cause a lot of it is "behind the scenes" so to
speak, it has to do with your mind just subconsciously picking up bit
by bit. Any way, it's still very necessary and useful to study though,
because things like verb conjugations are easier to pick up if your
mind has a head start by seeing them on paper before you hear them
being applied by speakers.
Anyway, we've been blessed a lot this week. Me and my companion have
continued to see blessings, we've come to understand each other better
as well and become more unified.
Recently I've been thinking a lot about a talk I heard where a guy
talks about how a  spiritual confirmation can be, and is perhaps more
often, the absence of a No as opposed to a Yes. That goes right along
with a scripture in D&C that I think I've already shared here before:
something like: 'the power is in you to do good... a servant who has
to be compelled in all things is slothful... you should do many good
things of your own will...'. Any way, I love how there's so much good
we can do in this life, and so much we can do to continually improve
ourselves our situations and to help others. The possibilities are
Any way, some other thing that's happened this week: Me and my
companion have had the opportunity to help teach someone english
recently. It's really great. We'll see how it goes though.
Yeah other than that. Those two kids are progessing nicely. We've got
some other investigators: Taba, and Ta who are progressing
towards baptism as well. We're still teaching them right now. We
taught T about the Holy Ghost a few days ago and he related this
story were he'd heard a voice guide him as well. He's really receptive
to the things we teach him, it's way awesome.
Well that's it for now, ti a bo!!! Thanks for all your prayers!!!
They're very appreciated!!! Love you all!!!
Ti a bo!!! - ELder Seffker

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