Sunday, April 9, 2017

just don't be afraid to fall

 It's so awesome to hear all the progress
that's going on!!!!! I was just talking to someone about how unending
our opportunity to grow is. I've come to learn that if you're not
growing as you used to be, it's not because you're approaching
fluency, but because you're not trying as hard ;) That's definitely
something I've been learning!! ;) I think at the beginning of my
mission I had some goal in the back of my mind to: really work hard to
get fluent and then find other areas to focus on. Hahaha, but I've
definitely come to learn that fluency is more of a journey, not really
a destination.
I'm not sure if I've ever had a monumental confirming witness as is
sometimes the case. But I've definitely had tons of little ones that
continue to build my faith in it. I know it's true, and as my study of
it and my testimony grows, I definitely see it's influence in my life
and my need for the strength it offers.
Work is great. I can just FEEL my desire growing ;) haha, really
though. It's crazy how good PMG and other missionary examples,
expectations, stories in the scriptures are. And how much we can learn
from them!!! The growth available to us is so unending! Motorcycles:
not yet approved :/ but fortunately, our bikes our pretty sufficient
for our area right now.
SOunds way awesome all of the things you guys are involved with and
the good week end you had!!!!
Thanks for your support and example!!!! You guys are such a great
example in gospel living and raising the family in righteousness!!
This week has been really good!!! I'm working hard to open my mouth a
lot more, and it's going well!!! I can't help but share an example
from my companionship, it's awfully cheesy but it illustrates my
efforts so nicely: My companion was riding his bicycle no handed the
other day. My last two companions have possessed the same skill, but
personally I was never too interested then, nor was I now.
Nonetheless, I asked him any way: "what's the trick to riding like
that?" his answer: " just don't be afraid to fall. The bike is gonna
go like this either way (wobbling, swerving a bit)". I tried it. it
actually kind of worked. It was interesting how the bike kept going
even though the ride was kind of rough. I related it to my language.
Sometimes you've gotta just open your mouth and do your best. The ride
might be rough, but it still gets the job done. THat's the only way to
aquire the skill any way. You've gotta just open your mouth, you'll
make mistakes, but you'll get better. Any way, I know that we need to
continually work to do our best in everything, and to grow. Especially
in the commandments, and our church and family responsibilities. A
quote I recently heard somewhere "every day is part of eternity" it's
definitely true. If your plan is to do better tomorrow, you may as
well just do what you can today also. Because today and tomorrow are
all part of eternity, and if our plan is perfection, we ought to be
making progress on that path. Any way, I know that the church is true.
I'm grateful for my opportunity to serve here. I'm grateful for this
gospel. I know that prayer is super important, as well as scripture
study. I know that those things will keep us on the right course. Love
you! - Elder Seffker

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