Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It's a choice

Haha, it's great here, so different here! You guys'll love it! Sounds
like the weather is great! That's crazy how quick the year is going
by! You don't really notice here. It's always warm and sunny! It has
been raining quite a bit lately though, which has been kind of nice!
Something to do with the location of Kiribati: we hardly get strong
winds. Sometimes there's a breeze, but they don't have hurricanes or
cyclones or anything. We're right in the middle of a tectonic plate,
so yeah, they don't get earthquakes or tsunamis either. Which is
great! Interestingly enough, as you know, we're right in the middle of
the ocean, and yet somehow we're in somewhat of a drought :/
Any way, sounds like things are good back at home! Any construction going on? ;)
This week has been good. Definitely been helped through my trials and
seen miracles! Thanks a ton for the prayers!!! I'm seeing a lot of
growth! Any way, seriously though, thanks for the prayers. They really
do help! Let's see, yesterday we ate at M again, sea turtle
again as pretty much always. I think my stomach is building a
resistance to sea turtle!! ;) Because it doesn't seem to upset it so
much any more. We were waiting at one of our investigators houses,
Tokiauea (/toe-key-ah-oo-aye-ah/) ha, and he pulled up on his
motorcycle with two sharks lain over the side! They were probably
about 5 to 6 feet long in my judgement. And like 200 pounds each. any
way, we ate them for lunch two days later. They've got a fishy flavor,
but they're really good with curry. We actually saw some big miracles
this week. haha, it's not so much a tradition in Kiribati to baptize
kids right as they turn eight, considering people don't really
remember their birthdays here. Well, we received two referrals. One
went something like this: "He hasn't been baptized yet (comes to
church every week). You haven't been baptized yet have you? Kid: no."
So yeah, we just need to teach them lessons and so forth. Well, any
way, have a good week! Here's a thought: resistance to temptation
isn't a skill, it's a choice, and it begins with choosing to read and
pray each day. I know that if we do our best to follow God's counsel,
we don't need to fear! Because all He asks is that we do our best each
day! Well, love you all, see ya!! - Elder Seffker

On 4/10/17, harry and Patti seffker <> wrote:
Jared how was your week? I'm so glad that you are feeling more confident in
sharing the message regardless of your ability in the language. I'm sure you
have seen so much growth in doing so. I am so proud of you. I love to your
bike analogy and riding with no hands. We just can't be afraid to fall. The
Lord will surely hold us up.
Well our temple marathon was a great success. Tuesday we went to the Brigham
city temple, Wednesday the Logan Temple, Thursday was bountiful, Friday Salt
Lake, and Saturday was ogden as normal. I was thinking today and marveling
how much revelation I received this past week. His love for me is sure and I
can feel it. I can also understand more of the plan of salvation and his
eternal plan for everyone of his children. I felt clearly some messages that
needed to be taught to our family and in my Sunday school class. I love the
temple and feel of its power!!
Yes so we could be there at the end perhaps they can release you from the
mission field through a call from our stake president or you can still be on
your mission and we can be your companions. It's up to your mission
president and you and what will work best. We don't mind either way we are
just happy to come. I suppose we will fly into Tarawa and go to the Mission
home. I can notify and arrange with president Larkin to make sure everything
will lineup.

I'm so happy you got of those packages. There still two that you have not
received. One has jerky and letters and the other is Easter. It sounds like
you are receiving them 4 to 6 weeks after I send them. ❤👍
Everyone here is doing really well. Dad has been working hard and the yard
looks beautiful. It has been raining so much and everything is so green.
It's not like some springs with the grass is still half dead from winter
it's all very lush green. All of the fruit trees are blossoming and the
spring flowers are everywhere. Yesterday however was kind of crazy weather.
We had hail and blossoms blue all over the place. But today there is no sign
of the storm. The sun always rises!!
The kids go back to school this week. Johnny and melissa are doing track.
Melissa is doing distance and Johnny is doing sprinting and hurdles and long
jump. Scott and Melissa went to a steak dance last night. Scott danced with
Melissa one dance. They're good friends!
We all miss you but are filled with faith and prayer in your behalf. This
morning as we were leaving for church Jacob said I miss Jared! I will help
them write letter to you later today. I know my prayers ascend to heaven and
God hears. I pray for you to witness miracles as your faith is put to
I love you so much. Press forward son

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