Monday, April 24, 2017

Father in Heaven hears our prayers and answers them

People keep quoting conference but I haven't even heard it yet! Can't
wait to read it. We get it when it comes out on the magazine.
Yeah the J are gonna be leaving soon :/ They were so awesome. They
were such a great support to the missionaries here. They were always
so friendly and welcoming in Tarawa. And on the outer island, they
always put such a high priority on getting our needs sent out
promptly. They were so awesome!
This week: sooooooo, yeah things were way good with Elder L. I
look back and am amazed at how much I was able to learn from him in
just 4 short weeks or so. Well, Wednesday morning we got a message
from the Js saying I'd be transfering the next day and that we
needed to confirm my plane ticket. We were way suprised, but it was
good and went well. I got on the plane the next day, flew to Tarawa,
slept there the night, and flew  to Butaritari the next morning. So
yeah, here I am in Butaritari now, haha. It's interesting because I
was on one of the most southern islands, Tabiteuea Meang, where it
hardly rained, and where the southern accent is really strong. Well
here it rains like every day almost, and often multiple times. Clouds
are constantly over head. This morning was actually the first time I
noticed that the sun rose to the right of how I sleep, and not at my
feet. I was disoriented. Also the road runs east to west here instead
of north to south, it's way disorienting. Any way, I'm with Elder
Hk here. He's one transfer older than me. So yeah, we're both
learning a lot. It's really good though. This past month my language
has really sky rocketed, it's way awesome, and a huge blessing. It was
awesome to be back in Tarawa, it's like a different place when you can
understand the people more. Any way, yeah. we're both learning a ton.
Elder H is awesome, and he's a great senior companion. He's able
to go at his own pace, and not get frustrated or discouraged, which is
a way good attribute to have in our companionship, because we both
have a lot of learning to do haha. Butaritari is awesome. It's
wayyyyyy green. Like I was way surprised at how green it here. Like
you get on the road and look forward and there's just so much green!
Any way, yeah it's way pretty, tons of awesome plants. There's almost
kind of like a japanese garden sort of feel to it. Just so much green.
The chickens here are different, haha. Some of them are small with
awesome patterns. Some are like straight sleek black, like a crow
almost. We sleep on a two story buia. It's literally like a tree
house. When we had church yesterday, the place where we taught the
primary literally was a tree house. We had to climb a tree to get into
it, it was way awesome. We got sort of a mini maneaba near our house,
my companion studies there, there's a hammock. I study in a buia that
hangs over the ocean. It's way awesome. There's like a little latter
to get up into it. Me and my companion are really attacking the
language, haha. Elder H is way awesome cause he's way focused on
the mission. We speak in the language whenever we can. Any way, yeah,
kind of a big change. There's also tons of mosquitos here, so we have
to sleep with a bangabanga (mosquito net), also we sleep on sticks, so
that's a big change as well. The floor for most buias is just tons of
palm leave stems lain parallel (the stems are way firm and made of
wood, but they're straight, unlike just any random stick), and tied
down. And then there's a grass mat that goes over the top of it and
that's what I sleep on, it's actually pretty comfortable. Also,
motorcycles are approved here, so we rode on one yesterday because we
hold sacrament at the other end of the island also, and it's takes
like four hours aparently to get there by bike, so yeah, we
motorbiked. I think we've got it figured out and stuff now, at first I
was super sketched out because we didn't seem to have the balance
figured out. But we've got it now and we were blessed to be safe. Any
way, prayer is definitely real. It can bring comfort and peace. I know
that our Father in Heaven hears our prayers and answers them. I know
it's important to pray and to ask for His help continually. Love you
all! - ELder Seffker

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