Monday, April 24, 2017

resistance to temptation isn't a skill, it's a choice

 It's always warm and sunny! It has
been raining quite a bit lately though, which has been kind of nice!
Something to do with the location of Kiribati: we hardly get strong
winds. Sometimes there's a breeze, but they don't have hurricanes or
cyclones or anything. We're right in the middle of a tectonic plate,
so yeah, they don't get earthquakes or tsunamis either. Which is
great! Interestingly enough, as you know, we're right in the middle of
the ocean, and yet somehow we're in somewhat of a drought :/
Any way, sounds like things are good back at home! Any construction going on? ;)
This week has been good. Definitely been helped through my trials and
seen miracles! Thanks a ton for the prayers!!! I'm seeing a lot of
growth! Any way, seriously though, thanks for the prayers. They really
do help! Let's see, yesterday we ate at Ms again, sea turtle
again as pretty much always. I think my stomach is building a
resistance to sea turtle!! ;) Because it doesn't seem to upset it so
much any more. We were waiting at one of our investigators houses,
T ha, and he pulled up on his
motorcycle with two sharks lain over the side! They were probably
about 5 to 6 feet long in my judgement. And like 200 pounds each. any
way, we ate them for lunch two days later. They've got a fishy flavor,
but they're really good with curry. We actually saw some big miracles
this week. haha, it's not so much a tradition in Kiribati to baptize
kids right as they turn eight, considering people don't really
remember their birthdays here. Well, we received two referrals. One
went something like this: "He hasn't been baptized yet (comes to
church every week). You haven't been baptized yet have you? Kid: no."
So yeah, we just need to teach them lessons and so forth. Well, any
way, have a good week! Here's a thought: resistance to temptation
isn't a skill, it's a choice, and it begins with choosing to read and
pray each day. I know that if we do our best to follow God's counsel,
we don't need to fear! Because all He asks is that we do our best each
day! Well, love you all, see ya!! - Elder Seffke

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