Tuesday, February 21, 2017

gospel brings peace and happiness

, I actually cut my own hair recently.
With real clippers fortunately haha. Even still it was a challenge. I
learned a lot about how to cut it in the future. In the end I buzzed
my whole head down to a quarter inch. I took notes on what I learned
so that I don't have to do that again haha. That's awesome about
S. Is that the same person that you met in the airport? Service
is so good! Sometimes we focus on what we shouldn't do too much and we
forget about what we should do. I know that they're both soo
important. The part in D&C 4 clicked as I read it recently where it
says something like "see that ye serve him with all your heart, might,
mind, and strength, that ye perisheth not, but bring salvation to your
soul." Further more, charity leads us to "always abound in good
works", or something like that. And even on top of that, in the
teachings of George A. Smith, goes a quote "...when life's labor is
complete, they will stand in the presence of their maker, accepted of
Him because of what they have done.". Any way, there's much work to be
done. It's such a blessing that we can be a part of it. I know the
gospel brings peace and happiness. I'm so grateful for the scriptures,
I know that it's so important that we not neglect the scriptures. I
was reading in D&C and it went something like "search these
commandments". And I realized how important D&C was, and I know that
all the scriptures are important, they're the books we're going to be
judged out of! (see W of M 1:11 ;) haha, any way, so many references,
but I know that the scriptures have power. To teach us, to strengthen
us. Anyway, As far as the rest of this week goes, nothing too
interesting. A man named M (which, being interpreted, is "south")
just showed us this morning two sea turtles lying on their backs. One
of them was about 4 feet, maybe 4 and a half feet long! We eat dinner
with M every sunday night, it's always a pleasure, and we always
eat sea turtle ;) most of the time any way... yesterday we actually
had kabuki (pb and j's, kiribati style), that was yummy. Any way, have
a good one!! Love you all! As a missionary, extending commitments is
key, and so on that token, I would challenge you all to have
consistent and purposeful scripture studies every day this week! Any
way, thanks for you support and examples!
That's true about the faith and works. Sometimes we can even deceive
ourselves, if we really believe we understand commandments, and we
feel assured that we would follow them always. But what we actually do
shows our real intents and desires, even those that we can't perceive
within us. It's all about obedience. Temptation is the test, not the
exception, to our obedience. Any way, have a good week! Love ya! -
Elder Seffker 

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