Thursday, February 2, 2017

our churches are on good terms

Sooooooo..... this week has been pretty good. Not too much has
happened. I'm in Tabiteuea now though! I've been working here for
about 4 days now. Elders always talk about i-buuki (outer island)
life. And I'd always wondered how it could be that different. Being
here now, I can definitely see the differences. Outer island
missionary work is characterized by a ton more bicycle riding! A lot
more living space and schedule space, cause you don't live with any
other companionships nor do you have any plans with other
companionships... the laundry no longer does itself though, we have to
scrub it by hand ;) and the living conditions are a little bit more
third world. One of the main things that changed is our P-Days. We no
longer have any elder's to compete with for laundry, nor for bikes,
nor for computers, nor do we meet up with them to play sports, in
fact, we don't, because neither of us like sports ;) I already told
you, Elder Gilbert likes Rubik's cube, he's pretty fast. Maybe faster
than me, I'm not sure though... He also likes cards! This P-Day we're
working on his "kie" (grass mat).
A main other difference between tarawa and outer islands is that
people don't try to speak english here as often, and that's why it
help with learning the language, being on outer islands. Because you
have a lot more exposure to the language! I really like it! Any way,
we did have one pretty good experience recently: Me and Elder Gilbert
were teaching this investigator yesterday on Sunday. And during the
lesson her minister came and started doing a sort of ceremony with her
for church. Any way, after the minister was finished, he kind of just
turned to look at us, and my companion started talking to him, getting
to know him a little. He talked about how our churches are on good
terms because we both support the family, and about how we both
believe in Jesus. I was really impressed because by the time when left
there was no tension and we'd had a good talk. Any way, I know the
church is true, I know that when we're obedient we're blessed. I know
that it's important that we continually try to learn more and more
cause that's how the Lord teaches: line upon line, precept upon
precept. I know that it's important to read the scriptures every day,
and to pray often. I know that as we do, the Lord will teach us and
bless us with the things we need in order to be able to live as we
Love y'all! Ti a bo! - Elder Seffker

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