Thursday, February 2, 2017

"when there's the faith and the good works, good things happen"

Hey! So kies are more prevalent in Kiribati than couches are in
America. As missionaries, whenever we talk to someone, they lay out a
kie for us to sit on if there's not already one set out. They also
sleep on them, and we sit on them while we eat. Right now we have some
what of a run-down girls' camp cabin, which is very nice. We've got a
water pump, which fills up the water tank, and the shower and toilet
work then, otherwise we shower and flush the toilet with a bucket of
water. The roads are dirt.
Actually, I suprisingly didn't even suffer from dry skin during my MTC
experience, but certainly not here, my hands are never dry because of
the humidity. The food is good, some of it upsets my stomach but I can
see that I'm getting used to it. Haha, actually, a lot of it does, but
I'm pretty strong against stomach pain, I kind of just lug myself up
on my bicycle and start pedalling. Bicycle riding is second nature by
now ;) I could probably ride all day haha. It's certainly a blessing
though. Kinds of food: chicken, fish, sometimes octopus, eel, and sea
turtle. Alway rice, sometimes bread, usually mai(breadfruit) plain,
boiled, or fried. And then sugar water. We can fish, if it's with an
investigator, or on a p-day, or if we absolutely need food, but I
haven't yet. Elder Curren loved to fish, when he was living with us
for Christmas he had like 300 dollars worth of fishing gear strewn all
over his dresser, along with whale bones and other random stuff haha.
But Elder Gilbert doesn't find it too interesting I guess.
That's cool all of the things you've noticed about jackson and jacob.
it's good to hear about all the good that's going on. I love a passage
in PMG: "Heaven is a continuation of the ideal home." I know that the
family and the home are both very important to God. Thanks for your
prayers and experiences. Thanks for your example and also your and
Dad's as parents. I've seen a lot of miracles throughout my mission
and I know that the Lord watches out for us and gives us what we need
as we pray to Him. Thanks again for your alls prayers. Something that
my MTC instructor said was something like: "when there's the faith and
the good works, good things happen" I know that we need to have faith,
and that faith is manifest also by our obedience. Something in gospel
principles goes like:"a farmer wouldn't plant a field if he didn't
believe he'd reap the harvest." I know it's the same with us. As we
read every day, and pray, and as we do service and follow the council
of the prophets, we're showing our faith in the words of Christ, and
we're showing that we believe that as we do those things we're going
to reap a harvest of eternal blessings. I know that God blesses us
throughout this life as we obey willingly. A verse I love is in 1
Nephi 3:6 "Therefore go, my son, and thou shalt be favored of the
Lord, because thou hast not murmured." I know it's important to
continually improve. Thanks for all you all do. Thanks for the
prayers. Have a good week, I love you all! - Elder Seffker

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