Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hey! This week is going good!! Indeed, the Sabbath is a blessing!
Something I always tell investigators is that sometimes we don't
understand God's laws. We don't always understand why we shouldn't
work or do our labor one day of the week. But God rested from His
labors on the seventh day, and He is perfectly smart and wise, and
He's commanded us to rest on the seventh day. I've also seen a lot of
the blessings of keeping the Sabbath day Holy, as I've striven to rest
from my labors and hobbies and interests, and to serve others!
Haha, that's awesome! Has he been dating people from the singles ward??
Nice gun eh? Interesting...
So as far as this week, we got another investigator that seems to be
really golden so to speak. He seems to be prepared. He loves to learn
about the scriptures. He's Catholic. Pretty much everyone here is
already part of some religion. It's not like America where a lot of
people are atheist. Any way, he has a deep interest and joy for
spiritual things, which is awesome! His name is K. Every time we
go over, he gives us moi motos. and usually some to bring home haha,
and then we eat them the next morning. Any way, the spirit seems to be
really working with him. As we've been teaching him, his heart has
been opened more, and he's been really receptive to the truth. We're
continuing to invite him to keep the commandments, and he's growing a
lot in his faith! The gospel is a great blessing! I hope he's able to
learn the truth! I know that if he does pray with a sincere heart, and
really works and experiments upon the word, that the Holy Ghost will
bear witness to him of the truthfulness of those things.
The language has also been coming along really well. The gift of
tongues is definitely real!!I remember having some really great feelings from the Holy Ghost in
the MTC, since then I've felt a lot of peace, reassurance, happiness,
and edification from His influence. I've also been learning recently
that truly it's not the choiceness of your words, otherwise they
wouldn't send missionaries foreign. I see that a lot of investigators,
even though I know we don't speak perfectly, they still are happy to
have us over, happy to listen, happy to follow commitments. It's
definitely true that we just need to try to do our best to follow the
spirit and to study the scriptures and other materials. We need to try
to present it clearly, and, one of the things I saw recently under
something like: things you can do to facilitate the spirit working
through you: be humble. I know the church is true. The Lord loves and
provides for all of His children. Haha, missionary work is a blessing
to the missionary. If there were no missionaries, the Lord could just
send angels to tell the people the truth ;) who would probably do a
better job ;) but instead he gives us this experience as missionaries,
to help and serve others, and to see the effects of the gospel more
fully. Have a good week! Love you !! - ELder SEffker

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