Wednesday, March 1, 2017

this life is the test

That's an interesting story! Haha, looks like you guys went skiing eh?
Yeah huge turtles!! The meat is like chicken, but it tastes different.
I actually think turtle might be the thing that was making me throw
up. I'm good to eat some, but I think too much upsets my stomach. Not
exactly for sure though, they're pretty dense though... I would
imagine like 200 pounds, maybe 150.
Haha, seasons here aren't even acknowledged, because we're right on
the equator pretty much. So there's hardly a change. Actually though
there is some aspect of season here. Not with the temperature, but
with how much rain we get. We've been in a drought for the past 4
months though, so it's always hot and humid ;)

K has actually been doing pretty well!! He's still got some
doubts but he continues to love lessoning with us, to read the
scriptures, and do follow the commandments. He's actually got really
high morals. But, he still needs time to learn the truth of it for
himself. Another good investigator, Ta, has been progressing
great!!! She is really prepared. She came to church the very week we
extended the commitment. She came this week as well. And she has
absolutely no reluctance with baptism! Any way, her testimony has
grown a lot, haha, when we asked her if she would be baptized, she
answered as if it was obvious, a no-brainer. Haha, any way, I know
that the church is true. Thanks for all of your prayers!! We've been
led to find some really prepared investigators! I know this work is so
important! One of the things I love to say during lessons is this: "Te
maiu aei, tiaki te motirawa, (this life is not our time to relax), Te
maiu aei te kataaki (this life is the test), te motirawa imwiina(the
time to relax is after it)." anyway, I know that it's true. I love to
read in the D&C, just like a loving father, the Lord continually
exhorts them to do the things he KNOWS will bring them happiness. He
continually focuses on and exhorts them to do the things that they
need to, to receive eternal life, the greatest gift. I know that He's
like that with us to. Men are that they might have joy(2 Ne 2 25). The
nature of God is the nature of happiness(Alma 41:11 or 12?). God loves
us perfectly. Just as a loving father He builds us up, He encourages
us, He comforts us. He reminds us of things we need to do so that we
can receive the gifts He's prepared for us. He warns us not to do
things that will bring us unhappiness. Any way, I'm so grateful for
this gospel. I know the church is true. I'm grateful for the example
of the prophets. I know that if we study and pray everyday, the Lord
will teach us the things we need to know line upon line. Have a good
week! Love you all!! - ELder SEffker

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