Tuesday, March 1, 2016

the judgment will probably be us choosing to leave God´s presence

so this was a buena semana I learned a lot of stuff this week, mostly about faith though. faith is such an interesting principle. I think I grew in a faith a tiny bit. I remember a lesson we gave with a less active member, me and Elder G tried pretty hard to do what Elder Bednar told us to do, and by the end we figured out she did not have very many desires to find out if the Book of Mormon was actually true by faith. it makes me think, wow if all these people could progress more by simply having more faith than how important is it that we have faith as well and I mean the get your feet wet sort of fe that Elder Bednar was talking about. really having doubts can darken the guidance we have from the Spirit and the way to teach effectively is with the Spirit. I had a cool experience with faith in the Book of Mormon yesterday too, I read a scripture and I was sort of down for some reason and I had the thought, this is not even helping, the Book should be helping me more, then I had a feeling to look back a few verses, then came a great, small verse that resolved my entire problem basically, I didnt even know why I was feeling down, i couldnt explain it then after reading that scripture it not only showed me a wise counsel but it gave me that opportunity to exercise more faith and I started to feel animado again. It is amazing how the Lord works through small means like words on a page or the way we feel to teach us of the most important things, really suprizes me sometimes how merciful the Lord really is. so yeah that was a highlight of the week for sure.
really yeah I had that question a while back it sure made me think a lot. that is interesting that stuff about Moses thanks for sharing that I remember when that gave me a doubt a long time ago but it makes sense still, also before I read I was thinking about what you said`` Heavenly Father really directs us to think that we can be great and i was thinking about that just a minute ago. so yeah I also I was thinking about that Moses wanted to give up, after I read it, I think that is really interesting but we can see so easily now that the Lord did help him. something cool this week that I heard was from a conference I got to listen to with Elder Bednar, he said living the Gospel is not hard, it is easy. Not living the Gospel is hard. he also said that if living the Gospel is like a chore that is not right. I really liked that he even started talking about how when we get judged after we die, the judgment will probably be us choosing to leave God´s presence rather than Him saying we didnt do good enough. he mentioned how if you cant look into the bishops eyes it will probably be a similar thing. so the way that we know if we are ready is basically if we know the Gospel is making us happy. it makes me wonder a little bit about Moses, how he wanted to give up at some time, I am sure that he was going through some trail right, or also Christ when He was about to perform the Atonement, how he asked the Lord if the bitter cup could be passed from Him, it wasnt. I wonder why things like that have to happen when they happen to me, like why do I have to do this if it wont help me and then I just have to think of how it is always better that way. there really has to be hard things that we do, we have to overcome things, that is a good perspective that we have opposition in all things and that to be happy we have to know saddness. to me that was a true statement that he said. 
also he said that we are weird and backed it up by saying that the Lord`s people are a peculiar people. I also agree with that and he called people that dont keep the commandments stupid it was pretty funny.

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