Thursday, February 25, 2016

faith is really really important

Re: Letter from mom

To: harry and Patti seffker
I cant wait till I can eat blackberries with Emmi, awesome, shout out to Jared Seffker congrados on dat scolrship, so did yall get to putting in those mission paps yet congratulations out there to Johnny Seffker for that Scout award you probably just got. My companion told me a story yesterday about his pinewood derby, he said when he got the car to make his parents just took it, they were mechanical engineers so they just did gave him the block of wood and told him he could do what ever he wanted as long as he didnt mess with the axel area and they made different wheels that worked better and looked like the ones they give you and they manufactured some sort of nail thing and but graphite on it and stuff for the wheels, it was funny because he said he didnt even want them to do that and after they did the contest he won by a long shot, it wasnt even funny and he got mad because he felt like he didnt even do anything, i thought that was pretty was pretty funny because he could have just left it as a block and won ha ha. My companion is pretty funny, he is from New York. 

so you wanted me to share some experiences missionary work, well something that I thought that was cool about this week was how Marcia the girl who got baptized told us how she felt good after her baptism, like she said that the day of her confirmation she had a really strong feeling right after she got confirmed, that was different in her own words she said she couldnt describe it but it was different and so that made me think a little bit, wow she is feeling the same Spirit that we all feel too, she also said this week that the Gospel, the classes in Church and what she has learned has made her feel like the spiritual hunger she had is gone, it was pretty interesting to hear that, sort of made me being here really worth it. i feel like the simple fact that I was here just to be here is what allowed her to experience the Gospel, it was never really me or my companion that helped her, it was the Gospel, that is what makes me happy. I remember the way we found her was really simple, my companion and I were walking down the road and we passed an older looking lady, and my companion backed up a bit and just started talking to her, amazingly she was a member that nobody knew basically and she invited us to come. we came and the first few times it seemed like they were never in their house. But finally the day we did come Marcia was there and she just wanted to hear about the Gospel and she wanted to learn more,  she always kept her commitments, you could tell she had good desires. I remember when we taught about temples she must have thought a lot about it already, i think her Mom must have explained some stuff because she told us she had a goal to become a temple worker.  I think that all this stuff happened for a simple act of faith my my old companion, he had faith that the contact he did would probably help someone or be worth it, later he told me that he contacted her because he felt like he should. but yeah great things happen when you have some faith. I have learned that having faith has helped me hear the Spirit a lot. So the idea faith is really really important, if you ever get confused about a part of the Gospel you should definetly try to have more faith, it will help you a ton. 

love you guys 

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