Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I feel progress

well I had a good week, the Lord has really been helping me to be who I am supposed to be, sometimes it is a big trial but I feel like the Lord is really helping me, this week I feel like I committed to be a little better, and when I took the Sacrament it was a lot cooler, I feel the truth that obedience has a lot to do with my desire, I guess that is what I am more happy about is my desire to be obedient has increased and I feel progress. I also was thinking about my testimony today and realized that I know the Church is true. I already knew that but today I don't know it just feels more solid, so yeah. well this week was good for us, we had a sort of sorry turn up in Church compared to last week but it was a peaceful Sunday despite all that and I see the Ward is progressing a lot over all.

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