Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gospel knowledge to help us do better

Well I had another good week, I am really having a good time yall, I have a new companion now, his name is Elder B, he lives in Layton, wow so close. and so yeah he is cool, i am learning a lot from him. this week i learned some new things, I have been watching and trying to teach better, I realized how questions can be very effective some times I wonder why I don't just ask more things, that knowledge came a lot from Elder Bednar in the conference that we did just a couple weeks ago and from the example of my companion. It is really cool, I am sure Elder Bednar is an apostle from the things he taught us, he didn't mention much that was new he just made us feel good mostly and applied basic Gospel knowledge to help us do better on some specific things, as I was saying like, inspired questions. I am glad that he came, a recent convert also got to listed to one of his conferences when he was here and she really liked it and said it made her feel better in a difficult time, also we gave her a blessing yesterday, that was cool, It was interesting how a lot of times the things that help people most are repeats of things people know already or to reassure them of something, I know that the Priesthood is really, it is really cool and interesting. I love it when you  feel the Spirit. I am glad that sister took the faith to ask for a blessing. It was nice to know that God is conscious of what others are passing through, it makes me not worry so much. 
We had a lesson with a girl that seems pretty prepared to change in her life, she says that she has seen the example of her Mother in law and says that her Mother in law is basically perfect, she just happens to be a member so we are blessed that we found her. I think that this will be a good change. 

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