Tuesday, April 5, 2016

our Prophet is a seer

 I have been receiving a lot of Spiritual help and I learned so much this week,conference was super great, very inspirational, and some of the things they spoke about were answers to questions I didn't remember I even had, I could go through most of the talks and tell how each one helped me, one that I really liked was in the Priesthood session, it was the talk from Elder Maxwell, there I really felt the Spirit strong and I just knew all of it was true, I also sat by a guy and we started talking before the session, turns out he is a member that wants to help a lot. he had some really cool stories to tell, one was about when the Prophet came to dedicate the Paraguayan temple, I am telling you lots of Paraguayan people have seen miracles from the Prophet. His was really cool and helped me think a little deeper about how our Prophet is a seer and some of the gifts that he has. I am so glad to know this Church is true, love you all thanks so much for your prayers and letters and support, it means a lot to me. I will pray for you guys 

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