Thursday, December 3, 2015

how to enjoy learning

well it was a good week, I am learning a lot here. there is a lot of potential here, it is really fun we had a couple divisions one, I went with Elder D, it was fun. I remember when we were sort of like half companions a while ago so it was good to do another division, it was fun for me to see how he has improved and it was also cool because we found a new investigator that seemed pretty prepared. Elder D has become a good friend. Then we had a division in our area, I went with Elder R it was also a good division we found a less active family and a bunch of other potential people. like I said this area has a lot of potential. Also the studies are going pretty good, there is not so much time as I had but when I can study it is really fun, I feel like that is something I have learned here on my mission, how to enjoy learning. I think it is funner now to meditizar scriptures also I am going to have to keep meditizando. Also something important I noticed yesterday is that the scriptures I have in my head are now things that can come to my head again and again and maybe the Spirit can inspire me to share them, the same goes with the things I have been studying. I like how everything about the Gospel is solid truth, yesterday I started repeating the DyC 19:31 and I got a pretty good feeling, as though I just barely starting to understand what it is saying. It is talking about mercy a little bit not just justice, we talk about the only way to happiness that is why we don't need to talk about dogmas. I know that the Gospel is the only way to feel happy in this life. 

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