Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ready to hear more

The following email letter was copy and pasted into google translate. He sent it all in spanish!!

think the area is very much ready for success and changed lives , I know that everything good that has happened is the Lord and reminds me of an interesting contact I had . contact felt the house, a secure feeling as wise as it should contact . It seemed like nobody was then when we hit hands there and no one came , I thought hm because I felt this house , we will strike again and finally came a young man , we could make a little like starting and seems ready to hear more , just came out of jail and he said he spent many prebas , this makes me think that he has been humiliated. I know that the Lord is trying to teach me to take initiative much, just have to do it with more faith and love. I have improved a lot in my sincerity , and that gives me a lot more power. I also liked the writing Corinthians we read today is a good way to see the people. thanks

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