Tuesday, December 29, 2015

sincere question of repentance

Re: Letter from mom

 so sounds like Church was good for you all, thats good, I thought it was cool to talk to you guys good times. well thanks for waiting so long, we were there trying for a while too but when I could finally talk it was really cool it made my day and thanks Mom for being there at the end of the day still, that really made me feel happy to see that you were still there at the computer screen, it made me think of how much you guys have taught me and loved me and stuff and in Church the same feeling as I thought about the way the Lord has talked to me. Sometimes I have felt like after trying so long you look and someone is there on the other side still and it makes you feel pretty motivated, this is hard for me to describe for some reason but it just reminded me of the similarities life has with the mission and how those small moments of communication with your earthly or heavenly family are gifts mercifully given rather than some sort of achievement I have gained after my hard work. What I mean to say is you may try to fix the computer as hard as you can but it just doesn't work or you try to fix your life as hard as you can but you JUST DON'T FIX IT ALL THE WAY and you will never get to enter God`s presence that way and in the end the screen just pops up for trying all you could. so that is what I wanted to say. I know that you and Dad and Heavenly Father love me a lot so thanks for teaching me that. it helps me a lot, like I say mercy is a sign of love and that gives me motivation. Love you chow there isn't too much time to write more, here is what happened, well a little of this week that I liked the translation is not very clear so sorry. 
google translate:
this week was pu-rete for me and Christmas was one of the best apart from that I am also encouraged to start again the Book of Mormon and this time studying the depths, last time helped me so much especially in my teaching, I testified with more power to witness and gospel knowledge, I learned much of mercy and necessity of living the gospel before. or also this Saturday did a split with Elder M, despite the many problems he is going now, we had a purete division and in the morning when we left I felt an impression should visit a researcher and her Mom a less active but Do not bend yet to go home but spent another street that impression came again just down the street from your home then told hm going to pass that way and the lesson went very well, never visit them in the morning but were, her mother and her daughter in law, and could teach everyone. Mom said she wants to go to church again to renew their agreement and daughter shared some experiences that I could just understand and relate a lot and have felt that it is not the only one. she also had a very sincere question of repentance Elder Monson could answer with a story in the Bible. I like the way Teaching Elder M and the end of the lesson the daughter said quieria finally be baptized, Elder R said that if or whether he would baptize but was much more purete hear their own VOCA. I know that the spirit I speak, I speak also helped me when I hear other times this week, sometimes it sounds very clear but as I said much depends on my desire, if I listen but I know that missionary work should be so and I'm trying to improve on that. but I feel I'm better.

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