Tuesday, November 10, 2015

preaching His words as if He were here

well this was a good week for me, I learned so much stuff, since changes so I got called to another area, in a white wash so here I have been like a week now, really great place lots of nice people, and something awesome is that my great friend Elder M finished his mission here, in fact when I got here to the new house we started unpacking I realized I was in his desk, it was a pretty cool experience because he is a missionary that I really looked up to, he was a good example and a good freind so when I noticed that he left some stuff like his pencil holder and an empty journal it was a cool feeling, I felt like I was sitting in his spot, I started to think of some of the things I learned when I was his companion, and really I gained a lot of valuable parts of my testimony and it started to make the mission really worth it for me at that time, I learned a lot about mercy and how to gain knowledge from the Lord. then thinking a little more I feel grateful that I am here in the mission standing in the spot where Christ would have stood and preaching His words as if He were here. I am definetly not perfect like Him but thankfully to Him I can be, so He has called me here to learn some important things and practice living and sharing His Gospel.  we have been learning about that as a mission lately in our studies it is really cool and motivating to learn about.

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