Wednesday, December 23, 2015

saved by grace

sweet, sounds like a whole lot a fun!  The kid that got baptized is doing good, 
also yeah that is cool that M is getting married and that K got her endowments out, I remember really well when I got mine out. I had a time on my mission where I think the Lord taught me a lot about His grace. Once I had a companion share a great talk about perfecting ourselves in el momento oportuno  I like the last 2 verses in Moroni, I think the motivation in becoming perfect  is love, that is what we need if we want to apply the Savior`s grace. Also one has to understand that you will not fill the demands of justice ever. You always need to apply mercy, it is the basic objective of missionary work if you ask me, so that when people find themselves on judgment day they can be saved by grace. As you know, grace should always be applied, not just at the end. 
I  had a time on my mission where I was trying to be pretty obedient, my companion helped me a lot and it seemed like the more I tried the more I failed. Every morning I missed some sort of rule and they were usually simple things that I missed, it was an interesting time for me, day after day of failing made me feel like I wasn't doing good enough. It made me wonder how some people could ever say they were exactly obedient. But anyway after some praying and stuff the Lord helped me a lot, lots of stuff happened like for example my companion showed me a talk, I also found some awesome scriptures that talked about enduring to the end and gave me a good perspective on things. like I said the thing that I found is you need love or charity, the other types of motivation seem to have to do more with justice and love with mercy. The last door will be mercy is basically what I learned so that is a fun topic love you 

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