Monday, September 28, 2015

we are precious

thanks, I feel really good here in this new area, it is also cool to see you are doing good. I really feel like this area and companion will be able to teach me a lot, it makes me feel like I am in a test, you know like a game. but more serious like  a socialist society like that lame book me and Mike read called hatched but a lot cooler, something that I am already learning now is to love the people more and do things for the right reasons always, ``obedience is the first law in heaven but love is part of the first great commandments`` that is not a quote but it is a good summary of things I have been learning, so also something cool is my prayers are becoming more cool , I mean it is easier now to have faith without thinking too much on that, there are always good challenges though. I feel really happy now thinking of the valuable things this short time and effort has taught me. So to be clear I am in an area called P I dont know why I wrote that it means nothing to you well I guess if you really want you can all look up P on Google and see it, its a small city I think, a big area for a missionary, we have like half the city or something, anyway I know the things I am learning here are important, the people are extremely important to the Lord here, I mean it that is something else, maybe one of the bigger things I am learning now is that to God we are precious so be sure to remember that in case you forget, there are many trials coming I am guessing and one for me was loving my self more and accepting the Savior. well love you all chau

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