Monday, September 14, 2015

His way is better

my Sabbath day was a good.  
that is a cool story, it really makes sense, I feel like coming to Church this week was a little bit like that in the story, in the way that me and my companion felt like we worked pretty hard, and invited a lot of people to Church that said they would come but nobody came from our investigators but it was a good lesson, why, because after I was sort of disappointed for a little bit, I started thinking about what is important, especially about the future, I don't have to feel bad if other people don't do their part but that is what usually bothers me, is I never have done my part 100% I have tried but I don't quite make it so I was thinking of that a little in Church until we took the Sacrament, everything went good after that it made me feel like a little kid, reminds me of 3 ne 11 where is says we should all become as little children to enter into the kingdom of God. so that is something that was really cool this week is taking the Sacrament, in my prayers at night I was talking about that, how I can be more like a little kid, and more innocent. what is interesting is I said a prayer asking what I could do, I said the prayer before going in to the Sacrament room and the answer I got was something like "depend on the Lord" so I guess that was all I had to do, that really is wise counsel, something that I have been learning lately, it has helped me view the contrast in feelings between depending on Him and trying to solve everything by yourself, we anyway that is what I learned and I know that the Lord talks to those who really try to talk to Him but in His own way and His way is better. love you thanks for your support all, thanks for your prayers love you

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