Wednesday, September 23, 2015

faith has really strengthened me

well this week was great we had a killer lesson with Migelina, we took a tiny bit of initiative and brought her neighbor, they are friends by blessing and the lesson was way fun, this person is really open and we laugh a bit but during the Spiritual moments she seems to be understanding and during the lesson she mentioned that she wants to share the Gospel and go and help the people, it seems after we talk about baptism she always says something about enduring to the end, she is learning the Gospel, she shared some experiences with us that I can directly relate to, it was really Spiritual when she related a dream she had and I was able to testify of how the Lord has spoken to me in a similar way and the other dream she had is starting to make sense, truly the Lord is preparing people as He has said, during my prayers that night I felt that the Lord called me here to be there as a part of my life. well also something cool is I am seeing real conversion in myself which honestly has been difficult, learning day after day by faith has really strengthened me and during one of my studies I realized I have come for a really good purpose as I felt prompted to ask my self some questions about my testimony by reading the baptismal interview questions I realized how much my testimony has been strengthen, that is probably one of the most valuable things I found here, so awesome, yeAh yeeeeah yeEah well just so you know I have been receiving your letters I will respond...... in a year or so, unless I forget jk Ill respond soon. this week was a success, love you all sorry i dont have time to respond to dads letter but I read it  nobody else get injured 
We sent him a cool Lego man Light!! He got it! YEAH

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