Tuesday, September 8, 2015

faith in the people

Well this week was a good one, we have found some really cool people the Lord is really blessing us, I have seen a lot of faith in the people we are teaching and it has made me a lot stronger to see examples of people appying faith, sort of motivates you a little bit, we seem to be getting a lot better as a companionship from when we meet each other like 3 months ago, I think my companion has improved in a lot of things and we have been able to help each other a lot, I will have to tell you more about what happened this week but her is a bit

we found a guy that is really faithful that wants to be baptised and be sealed with his family, i know you have heard a million stories like this before but for him to make it to church they have to get up at like 4 in the morning or something and this guy is really awesome, in Church he already seemed to have a testimony on tithing before we even taught him tithing, his wife/girlfriend is a member and he is an example to her, she said she got sick one night and it was really hard for her and when morning came she saw her husband reading in the Scriptures, this guy starting reading the Gospel Principles book basically before we even starting teaching him.  the Lord has shown me lately some really great examples, how interesting they arent even members. I am really grateful that I am here, the Lord has blessed me a lot, I honestly dont feel like I am at all better because I have came to meet some people lately, I am trying to improve here since I got here, some days are harder than others it seems and some are just like dreams when you think about them, they go really fast but what I am saying is I dont know why now in my mission suddenly at this time the Lord has shown me two really prepared people but I know it isnt just because i took a Spiritual quantum leap, I am happy to see now a little more clearly that the people I have taught before on my mission probably did understand what I shared and there may be many seeds left in people. that was something that I didnt think about untill just a bit ago here in the past few weeks or so, but love you I know the Church is true. 

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