Thursday, August 27, 2015

having the book of Mormon in hand has in a way given us more power

sounds like you all are having a good time. me too this week was really good, I learned a lot and my testimony has gotten better
on Tuesday it was cool we had a division, and the people we visited were mostly from an old part of our area, it was fun to learn some new things in a familiar place and see some people I haven't seen in a while. the highlights of that day would have had to be a change i saw in one person that day and how their faith really helped them get there. 
we stopped by the house of an elderly sister that would be baptized later in this Saturday. when we came she pretty much immediately started by talking about her doubts in tithing, apparently it had been briefly explained but now the day later doubts had come and we all talked about it for nearly an hour which in my part was not super wise because I ignored the idea to start with a prayer, just so confident in my own ability to explain things, after we dissected the commandment to pay tithing probably more than I had ever thought before it was time for her baptismal interview, yes exactly that, right after we explain that and she seemed to be doubting silently still we invited her to do the interview we scheduled. It was an amazing interview, my first but it doesn't matter at all, the important is that we can have the Spirit there. I can say that in the interview we started with a prayer, I felt the Spirit, I am sure she did and the doubts went away, it was amazing to see the contrast. this Saturday she was baptized into the Church and I could feel a good feeling just before she got in the water, it helped me in my testimony, so happy and I could feel how valid the baptism really was, even after, it seemed like a humble baptism and it was really peaceful, couldn't think of a better thing to happen there.  despite the drunk less active who walked in and was shouting annoying things for the final hymn. it was awesome the day of the interview because I feel like the Lord was communicating to me that the blessings and miracles come after the trail of faith and I was able to explain that a few times with the sister the day of her decision and interview. amazing that after all of the deep examples and stuff we tried it came down to her faith nothing about where her tithing goes or how we hand it in or if they had tithing the same way in the Bible's time. its all so simple. another cool thing. we have been contacting more using the book of Mormon, usually people are waiting to tell you to come back another day to basically just get rid of you when you contact them but having the book of Mormon in hand has in a way given us more power, it is like a thing you can use even after they reject you, and it often helps depending on if the person listens. just a bit ago we sat a lady sitting in the shade eating fruit so we contacted her, asked if we could share a bit and she said well I'm Catholic, or okay we said then we asked if we could share a Scripture we sort of got a o okay why not then after that we asked hey are you sure and she said, well my husband is Catholic, then we said can we talk with your husband and sure enough, he came and was super nice, invited us to sit down, talked about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. well that is some of the stuff that happened so basically what I learned is we just need to have a lot of faith well actually a perfect faith. love you and keep up the good work 

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